WHSR April Roundup: Taxes, Website Uptime and More

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  • Updated: Mar 04, 2016

death and taxes

In the United States, many business owners spent the month scurrying to meet the April 15th tax filing deadline. Let’s face it, most business owners barely have time to finish half the tasks on their to do lists, much less keep careful track of things such as mileage and business expenses. Still, the tax deadline does arrive and all businesses must file with the IRS. Once that hectic time of the year is past, you’ll want to refocus on growing your business and making more money in the coming year.

WHSR published some April articles that you’ll find helpful with this task. From ways to drive traffic to your blog to ideas on ways to make money from your blog, you’ll be gaining readers and income before you know it.

Building Blog Traffics

In 5 Steps to Writing a Blog Post that Goes Viral, Lori Soard talks about topics that will capture the imagination of readers and how to write a high quality post that readers will want to share with others through social media, email or even word of mouth. She looks at headlines that grab attention, adding easy ways for readers to share on social media and self-promoting the article to gain a bigger following.

If you keep up with Google’s algorithm changes and pay attention to what Google’s Matt Cutts has to say about changes, you’ve probably followed the case of MyBlogGuest and how Google hit them hard by blocking them from their search engines. This may have impacted your site if you use posts from there, so you’ll want to take the time to read Luana Spinetti’s article Google SEO And The MyBlogGuest Case – Time To Revert The Roles!

Creating Blog Content

Spending too much time trying to come up with new blog posts? Lori Soard talks about an easy formula that will help you write your blog posts faster, Jerry Low touches on recycling your blog’s content, and Luana Spinetti chats about really getting to know your site visitors and understanding what readers want.

Gina Badalaty shares tips on how to edit photos before putting them on your site in part 2 of her photo editing series Graphics is Not My Thing.

More Blogging Tips

blog better with WHSR

You can also find all of the best blogging tips on WHSR. We spend the time to organize these tips, such as How to Start a Blog in 15 Minutes, to help you blog better. Browse through categories, such as:

  • Creating Content
  • Building Traffic
  • Making Money
  • Blog Designs
  • Blogging 101

Tracking Web Host Uptime

WHSR has an amazing new tool for website owners called an uptime tracker. The tool is 100% free to website owners and will even send you a notification if your sites go down by checking every five minutes to make sure the site is still up and running. WHSR owner Jerry Low takes a hard-hitting look at web hosting companies’ claims about uptime. He reviews the uptime statistics of InMotion Hosting, WP Engine and Rose Hosting.

April may be a busy month of taking inventory and planning for the next three quarters of 2014, but taking the time to read this articles can pay off in big rewards later. Enjoy the warmer weather and the relief of having tax season behind you as we move into May, family celebrations, cookouts and even more articles to help you grow your business.

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