What’s New on WHSR: Marching into Spring

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  • Updated: Mar 04, 2016

The weather is beginning to warm up around much of the world. Birds return to areas they fled over the winter and flowers begin to bloom. At WHSR, traffic has taken and uptick with more and more people recognizing Jerry Low and the site’s writers as a voice of authority in all things web hosting. March is a month of new beginnings and WHSR has a lot of new material for you to look at, learn from and with which to improve your own websites.

New Web Host Review & User Feedbacks

One thing that was the same in March was that WHSR took a look at web hosting companies, the pros and cons and offered some valuable details to help you decide if these companies are right for you. One hosting company we looked at was AltusHost. Our AltusHost Review takes an in-depth look at this Netherlands based hosting company, including their growth patterns over the last six years. The review is further broken down into the different types of hosting plans the company offers (Shared, VPS, Dedicated). AltusHost is an interesting company because of some of the cutting edge server technology they are using, which is detailed in this piece.



As always, we share honest, non-biased information in our reviews, so we also share the cons of AltusHost that you need to be aware of to make an informed decision.

Because we try to keep you with up-to-date, reliable information about the different web hosts out there, we also recently published an update on Little Oaks Hosting. Previously, Jerry Low’s research showed that this was a reliable option in hosting. However, during the second week of March, the company experienced some serious issues that impacted customers. Jerry updates everyone on what happened and how to view Little Oaks going forward. If this is a host you are currently with or are considering switching to, it would be wise to go ahead and read this hard-hitting piece.

Blog Better with WHSR

Image by Dennis Jarvis.
Image by Dennis Jarvis.

In March, we also took a look at some ways you can improve your own blog. From taking better photographs to enhance the articles you write to ways to magnetize your blog and build readership, our writers offer tips that will help your blog attract more readers and keep them.

Mike Swan, an expert on using Photoshop to create graphics and then converting them for a WordPress theme, shared some tips with us on different Pinterest boards that every website owner must add to their reading list. In the article 5 Quick Copywriting Rules for Blogs, we take a look at how you can improve your blog posts.

Excellent content can translate into better Google ranking and your readers will appreciate an easy read and be more likely to share what you post with others.

Advertise at WHSR

Don’t forget, we are now open to helping companies get the word out through their infographics. For only $25, you can get your infographic posted on WHSR, which will help get out facts and information to our readership and promote your business at the same time.

WHSR Uptime Monitor is here!

A quick look inside WHSR Uptime Monitor system.
A quick look inside WHSR Uptime Monitor system.

One of the most exciting things rolled out at WHSR is the new Uptime Monitor. Never worry again about your sites going down and you not knowing about it. This 100% free tool checks your sites every five minutes. Add up to 10 of your sites and get notified immediately if a site goes down, so you can get tech support on it and get your site up and running again quickly, which means you lose less revenue and there is less risk of losing current site visitors.

March has been a month filled with copywriting tips and excellent reviews. April is certain to be another month filled with advice for website owners, so check back for more tips for growing your blog into the powerhouse it was meant to be.



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