Web Hosting News Updates: Microsoft Unveiling Windows 10, Firefox 35 Previews, and Adobe Acquiring Fotolio

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  • Updated: Dec 18, 2014

As website owners everywhere bask in the busy sales of the season, some important news hit the Internet waves about changes that might impact Internet users and website owners in the quickly approaching new year. Some of the more exciting news involves the upcoming Windows 10 launch, a new version of Mozilla Firefox and Adobe picking up a major online stock photography company.

Microsoft Windows 10

windows 10

For those who feel that Windows 8 is the bane of their existence, there's good news. Microsoft has skipped right over 9 and is about to unveil 10.

The next Windows operating system is going to be unveiled on January 21st, 2015. Brandon LeBalnc, Senior Marketing Communciation Manager for Microsoft revealed in a blog post that the CEO and other team leaders will discuss the new features that will be available for Windows 10.

Some of the new features will be ones that website owners will be relieved to see as it makes day-to-day tasks much easier to complete. Those features include:

  • The Start menu returns
  • Snap Assist (ability to have multiple desktops open and snap from one to the other easily)
  • Task View (virtual desktop functions)
  • Continuum (easily switches from touch to mouse and keyboard intuitively)
  • Digital voice assistant improvements

Unfortunately for those who are already aggravated over how hard the control panel and other features are to find, it seems that leaked screenshots are showing that users will be redirected from traditional control panel features. Whether or not 10 will be more user friendly than 8 remains to be seen.

However, the Windows 7 style start menu not only returns, but users will also be able to customize it. In addition, the apps from Windows 8 will still be accessible. The new Windows 10 just may be more user friendly while still keeping the best of 7 and 8. Time and Windows customers will be the judge.

The preview event will be live-streamed around the world.

What Firefox 35 Will Bring to the Table

For developers using Mozilla Firefox, the release of 35 is good news. With the release of Firefox 35 comes some features that web developers will appreciate.

The newest version will ship in January. While regular updates have been appearing on the Beta channel, most of the features will remain the same.

One big difference will include conference calling features, which many business owners will find useful for meetings. The new version of Firefox allows users to initiate and answer VoIP type phone calls right from the browser window.

The calls are free. You don't even need an account to initiate them. It is called the “Hello Guest” mode. Just share a link with the person you want to chat with and if they are also on a Web-RTC supported browser, you can have a conversation.

Firefox 35 also will offer more power to deal with dynamic styling changes and CSS filters. And, of course, the security features have been beefed up from 34.

Adobe Buys Folio

According to an Adobe press release, the software company revealed on December 11th, 2014 that it plans to purchase stock photo giant Fotolio for $800 million. In a released statement, David Wadhwani, senior vice president of Digital Media at Adobe, said, “The acquisition of Fotolia will reinforce Creative Cloud’s role as the preeminent destination for creatives.”

According to Adobe, the Creative Cloud has about 3.4 million members. Fotolio will still operate as an independent stock photo site, but Adobe plans to mesh it with their other cloud services. According to VentureBeat, Autodesk, a competitor to Adobe, bought Creative Market earlier this year in a similar move.

This is just a small scope of the news being released online. It seems that software and tech companies are gearing up for the new year and ready to release new products across the board, many of them integrating with one another.

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