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  • Mar 06, 2009

Two months ago I posted my problem with Bluehost server – that their server was being overloaded. I contacted their staffs and was told that they were fixing the issues.

Good news is, I’m seeing significant improvement since early Feb.

Things are improving slowly and I’m getting back the usual response speed for my website. For your reference, I made a quick print screen this morning and here’s how the server status looks like at this moment.

Bluehost server status overview

Bluehost server status (6/3/09)

Compare Bluehost server performance on January and March

On a closer view, you’ll see the server load’s controlled within 8 CPUs (which is the limit of one cycle); storage and memory usage had been reduced – things are looking good again.

Bluehost server status (March 6, 2009)

Screen captured right before this blogpost was published.

Bluehost server status (6/3/09)

Bluehost server status (Jan 9, 2009)

Sreen captured on January – I was shock to see the CPU load at that time.

Bluehost server status (8/1/09)

Is Bluehost still recommended?

There was some worries with the overselling process but everything is alright by now. Despite the poor performance for the past one month (Jan 2009), I actually see good things from this incident. Bluehost, as a company hosting hundreds of thousands websites, was able to address and fix their server problem in a short time frame. This shows that the company has strong technical support on the machine blocks and they care a lot about their customers.

With such being said, – Yes, Bluehost is still recommended. In fact, I think they are still among the bests and I remain my ‘A’ rating on the company.

Visit Bluehost online: http://www.bluehost.com
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