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  • Updated: Dec 04, 2013

iPage Sales

Well, Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) is here again. iPage has just rolled out its promotion – $1.99/mo for first three months, $2.95/mo thereafter for the rest of your term. The savings (see table below) from this deal is not as good as I expected; but then, it’s better than nothing, right?

Before And After – A Reality Check On This iPage Promotion

Subscription Promotion Period Normal Period
First 3 Months $1.99/mo x 3 = $5.97 $2.95/mo x 24 = $70.80
The Remaining Term $2.95/mo x 21 = $61.95
You Save $70.80 – $67.92 = $2.88

From the news I’ve got, this hosting deal will last for another couples of days and ends on November 27th. Readers who are considering iPage should go check this out.

Article by Jerry Low

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