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  • Jul 27, 2011

I was doing my usual readings online and I found some (old) news: FatCow hosting now comes along with SimpleScripts.

SimpleScripts is an auto script-installer, it helps users to install and maintain web application and software in just a few clicks. Right now SimpleScripts support installation for more than 50+ open source web apps including bloging platform, content management system (CMS), forum apps, project management software, shopping cart, RSS, form survey, and so on.

From what I see, the function of SimpleScripts and InstallCentral are exactly the same. BUT, the upgrade does make sense and benefits the users, SimpleScipts provides much wider choice (more apps can be installed) and fastest updates (from my experience). In case you are into images, here are some print screen from the inside.

Here’s where you can get into SimpleScripts from FatCow Control Panel frontpage

SimpleScripts on FatCow

Lots of scripts supported

SimpleScripts on FatCow

Updates September 2011: FatCow Review by Peter Benson

I got this informative FatCow review recently via email and I think you guys should have a look at it.

I think you have FatCow rated too high

I tried FatCow for webhosting a local political campaign site based on good reviews like these. The price was decent – $44 for a year.

The campaign was successful, and I took the site down afterward. Unfortunately, I did not cancel the account, and it autorenewed at _$107_ for a year. When I went to cancel it, they told me there would be a $35 cancellation fee. When I said I didn’t remember seeing that when I signed up, they said it’s in "Terms and Conditions" – buried with a ton of legalese. Their "cancellation fee" is almost as much as the first year of web hosting. For what it’s worth, I had _much_ better luck getting a refund for unused time from JustHost.

Anyway, fool me once and all that. I told them I thought their policy was misleading and abusive, and I won’t be back.

(PS- They also take _forever_ to answer their phone – it took three tries to get this cancelled since one time I had to leave after ~20 minutes on hold and the other time I was cut off after a similar wait time.)

Anyway, I think you have them rated too high, and I think you ought to let people know about their loss-leader, bait-and-switch pricing and high cancellation fee.

– Peter Benson / Minnesota @ September 4th, 2011

Other Latest FatCow User Reviews

Now for more other FatCow user reviews – Quoted below are user reviews I read from elsewhere on the Internet. Sadly I note that many are unhappy with FatCow’s recent performance (email features and the phone support, especially). Perhaps FatCow has changed a lot since I signed up with them 3 years ago; perhaps some users are over-demanding; perhaps the company is now running under-staff …the reason behind these complaints are anybody’s guess.

As a smart Internet shoppers, you should always do your own homework, be skeptical to ALL (including mine) comments you read online, and NEVER hesitate to ask for a refund whenever you are unhappy with your host.

I would choose FatCow definitely! "When I first heard of FatCow, my response was, "What?!" It didn’t take me long to look through the features, and notice that the price was well within my range, so I decided why not. There were times when my website went down due to technical reasons I couldn’t understand, so I would contact their 24/7 help desk. Within minutes, my problem was either rectified or passed on to a tech support person who would figure out the root cause of the issue within a day or so. Not bad for the price in my opinion. I would recommend FatCow for anyone that wants a hosting company that offers ease of use and also friendly customer service reps. Check them out when you can!" – Jupiter / www.darryldsmith.com @ June 08, 2011.

Okay hosting, but email is quite bad. "I am pretty much ok with the web hosting service of fatcow, though file uploads and update times are inferior to other services. My main complaint is about their email service. It’s really bad in my opinion. Their web client is really bad. Folders are presented as names with "." separating the folder hierarchy. Apple mail and the mailboxes aren’t synchronized easily. Sent vs Sent Messages folders for example. The smtp server has constant problems and I’ve contacted customer support or hundred times. Certain letters aren’t allowed in the password either. I was told that the n-th letter in my password was not allowed. I was a bit shocked that they knew my password in plain text." Anonymus @ June 24, 2011.

FatCow rocks! "You can never be satisfied with the web host providers these days. I’ve been switching from one web host to another in the hope of finding the almost perfect one. I have always landed providers which if are not too expensive, they will fire back with downtime. This has made me hopeless that my shoe business will ever grow. Good thing, I learned about FatCow and I’m proud to say that I’m a satisfied subscriber. With FatCow, you don’t have to pay a pricey amount to experience quality service, uptime guarantee, and easy to use features and tools. Their staffs are always there to assist you, 24 hours a day." – Shelly M. @ July 11, 2011.

Okay hosting with very cheap price. "The truth is, you can’t expect too much when a host is only charging you the price less than a cup of coffee. Fatcow hosting is doing alright in my opinion and I love the fact that they are offering wide support of different hosting features. The new Simplescripts function is a stunner and I am betting that more users will be flocking in to the servers soon (geez, this means bad or good?). All in all, Fatcow is an average host with a very low price tags. As a budget finder, I am happy with it." – James @ July 19, 2011.

FatCow support is no help. "The first issue I had with Fat Cow was when I noticed that I had an alternate domain designation of .ca It was first noticed when I was not getting any emails I called support and I was able to get into my control panel there it was discovered that my emails had a .ca at the end not a .com as I had requested when setting up the account. This was fixed on the emails but little to my knowledge it was still present in my domain central section, I only found out about this when I received a bill for domain listing from the company in Austria that controls the .ca domain designation. Fat cow support was of no help in discovering how this alternate domain was associated with my account. I would assume that some sort of log is kept to track this. I never registered it in the first place, it obviously was the account rep that set the account up. And now it is time for my renew and the cost is 3X what i paid for when 1st set up so I will be leaving for another." – Anonymous @ July 24, 2011.

So again, before we end this post, I have to stress that my FatCow review (and so does everyone else) is written just for your reference. I am writing base on my preferences and personal experience – what I think is acceptable might be a no-good for you. Cheers! :)

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