September Roundup: Updated Make and Host Website Guide

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  • Updated: Oct 02, 2017

Dear Readers,

Can you believe that fall is officially here? It seems like the seasons of 2017 have just zoomed past until we are in the final few months of the year. With the holidays coming up, this is a great time to take a look at your site and figure out some content you can add for the holidays and figure out if you want to stick with your current hosting situation in 2018.

Updated Beginner Website Guide

We recently updated our web hosting beginner guide – How to Make and Host Your Own Website in 2017. In this guide, you'll find all the steps you need to create a business or personal website. You'll get insider tips on buying your domain, ordering a web hosting services and then creating your site.

Everything is easy to locate in the guide through the handy reference in the right sidebar, which allows you to navigate quickly to the area you most need. Topics are then broken down and details added to give you a complete overview of the process.

Creating and hosting a website in three simple steps.

New Hosting Review

Speaking of finding a new hosting company for your website, one of the main things we do here at WHSR is provide in-depth reviews of web hosts. Jason Chow took the time to try out Zyma Hosting and then share all the ins and outs of what he discovered.

Ultimately, Jason gave Zyma four out of five stars. He pointed out that the hosting company offers a good value for the money, with an affordable package that comes with high-speed SSD and fully optimized servers. The data center is located in the UK.

Learning from Other Business Owners

Each month, we're bringing you interviews with various business owners, many in the tech industry. It's my job to pick the brains of these CEOs and company founders and find the secret to their success.

In September, I had the chance to speak with Cloudways co-founder Pere Hospital and learn How Cloudways Simplified the Process of Hosting for Clients and Revolutionized Their Business. Some of the key takeaways from this interview were that short meetings keep everyone in the company on the same page and that you can successfully bootstrap a business with enough discipline and planning.

Christopher Jan Benitez conducted a survey of 24 different experts to discover the Best Website Builder for Online Businesses. You'll find many useful tips in this piece to help you find the perfect website builder for your particular needs.

Be sure to check back throughout October, too. I have another interview going up that will help you with how to overcome cash flow issues and prepare for a business launch, and we have more web hosting reviews, articles, WordPress tips and more on the way. We hope you enjoy the cooler fall days that have arrived in most areas and spend the extra time indoors reading about how to improve your business.

Happy Autumn!

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