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  • Updated: Mar 04, 2016

I know, it’s crazy. My friends think I am insane when I told them I’m gonna write a post about other hosting review sites. The web hosting world is an extremely competitive industry and it sounds insane to even mention just a bit about other websites that are doing the same thing like you.

But, I think you guys should know more about this awesome website – Web Hosting Break (

About Web Hosting Break

Web Hosting Break

When I first starting a few years ago, there was literally zero website that is doing what I’m doing now (buy a web host account, test it as a user, and write reviews on it). I believe Ian Mason saw the same thing and started WHB. Like WHSR, Ian writes his hosting reviews based his real experience. There were more than 10 web hosts tested and reviewed at WHB; and Ian had created a lot of tutorials and videos (which is something you can’t get on my blog) in order to help his readers to get started with the new host.

So… in case you are need a second view on a web host besides mine (and would like to watch more videos), I suggest you have a look on WHB.

I hope this short post helps you a little. I am currently working on a couple of other in-depth articles on web development and web marketing – hopefully I can get them published soon. Till then, take care! :)

Article by Jerry Low

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