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I have been reading quite a lot these days and I wanted to share some of the good ones in this post. Listed below are some hand-picked articles/blogposts WHSR readers might be interested in. Some of these are sort of old while some are freshly published – nevermind, the important part is that each of these articles comes with information as valuable as gold. I am seeing a very busy days ahead for myself thus I doubt that there will be any updates at WHSR this week.

So in case you are in the mood of reading… have fun clicking these links. :)

On Inspiration

Everyone loves list-post and need some visual inspiration, eh? Selected Web Design runs a great gallery of websites at its homepage; and for WP users, here’s some nice WP theme demo published on DesignBeep.com – When WordPress And jQuery Plugins Go Together.

On Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not only about links, title text and keyword research. As search and social media converge, “social signals” are playing a more and more important role when it comes to search rankings. This leads us to Moore’s interesting article about How to Leverage Social Content For SEO. Bing maybe going absolutely nowhere in the near future but it does provide tons of handy tools for webmasters. To leverage these tools, you need The Ultimate Guide to Using Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

As a WordPress users, I love learning new tricks and hacks. But we don’t need to do everything by ourselves, right? After all, that’s what Plugin is designed for. I bet you’ll be thrilled with some of the 10 Great SEO Plugins For WordPress listed.

Social Network Marketing

Also, if you are like me, wondering why the heck everyone is talking and blogging and tweeting about Google+, read Google+: Don’t Fight It and Google+ Has Made Twitter Boring.

On Website/Blog Interactions

Web design is not only about creating beautiful website. Getting the desired result is another important challenge for all web developers. Smashing Magazine has put up yet another a round-up of resources on Responsive Web Design Techniques and Strategies. And also, check out Ailsa’s guide on How To Develop Your Website’s Tone Of Voice. I just read this earlier and trust me, this lady knows what is she talking about.

On Web Design and Development

Web Design In General

We all have bad habits and make silly mistakes all the time, perhaps it’s time to run a reality check and see if you are doing any of the list of 30 bad practices of web designers? One-page websites are trending pretty fast recently. I’m not a big fan though; but in case you are making one for yourself (or your client), Kendra’s 6 Tips To Create Better One-page Websites is a must read.

And, for list lovers, here’s another round-up of 18 Free Online Resources In Web Design.

HTML 5 and CSS

You can’t learn HTML 5 via just a few blogpost (you need a book and some practice the least) but Steven’s recent post would be a very good read if you wish to Understand HTML5 Content Model. Seriously, HTML 5 is not from Mars. In case you think otherwise, Mark’s Create A Basic HTML 5 Page With The New Layout Tags should be your next stop. ;) There’s also a great list of learning sources I compiled earlier in Learn HTML 5 – I bet you’ll love them! Further on that, newbies might also want to check out Little CSS Stuff Newcomers Get Confused About. It’s a very well-written article by Chris that helps you avoid some common mistakes before it happens.

Website Enhancement

Do you ever know web files are related to your website as well? (What?!) Yeah I know, I was as confused as you now when I first read 5 Little-Known Web Files That Can Enhance Your Website. It’s an eye-opening reading and I love it very much to be honest.

On Web Hosting

Web Hosting Basics

Confused with domain names and web hosting? James’s Domain Hosting Explained should be your next stop then. Real case examples are given to explain the differences between domain names and web hosting server – you should be able to understand every necessary key point upon finish reading it.

Web Host Shopping

And hey, last but not least, I had hours of research and wrote a very detailed guide on How To Take Advantage Of Cheap Web Hosting Deals and I strongly encourage web hosting shoppers to check it out.

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