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Do you know there’s a newcomer in my hosting coupons collection? VPS Net, the popular VPS/cloud hosting provider, is on our list now.

Save 30% On Your First Month Bill With VPS Net

Discount Coupon for VPS Net

Upon ordering VPS Net, simply apply the promo code WHSR and you’ll get 30% discount on your first month VPS Net bill (check image above). And hey, remember to say “thanks Jerry” when you are enjoying this exclusive discount. I wouldn’t have got this deal without him. :)

About VPS Net

Discount Coupon for VPS Net

VPS Net ( is one of the web hosts managed by UK2 Group. VPS Net focuses on VPS hosting, cloud hosting, cloud servers, as well as content delivery network (CDN).

There are quite a few well-known weblog and websites had switch to VPS Net in the recent past. One of them are Woo Themes – the famour WordPress Themes Provider. When asked about VPS Net, here’s what they have to say (quoted from VPS Net website):

Testimonial From Woo Themes
WooThemes switched to VPS.NET a little over a year ago now and have not looked back for one day. We’ve launched a whole bunch of new, niche services during our time with VPS.NET, in addition to the continuing growth of our main business. During this time, we’ve found VPS.NET’s scalability, flexibility and technical support to be the perfect companion to all of our ambitions and are looking forward to continue using their solid infrastructure to fuel our future growth.

VPS Net Services

Here are some quick views on VPS Net offers.

Cloud Web Hosting Service

VPS Net Cloud Hosting

For those who want an easy-setup cloud hosting service, VPS Net is a must-see. At VPS Net, the latest cloud technology is packaged up in simple VPS hosting packages (one of their offer, VPS Hosting). The web host promises 100% uptime (under the auto-healing features) and require no contracts for all new signups (pay daily or monthly and you can cancel anytime).

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

VPS Net CDN Services

Besides cloud hosting, VPS Net also offer CDN service at a very affordable rate (price starting at $34.95 for 1TB data). A CDN works by caching your site’s static files, such as images, javascript, CSS and videos, and delivering them to your site’s visitors via the CDN POP closest to them. Since those heavier elements are being delivered locally to the visitor, it greatly improves the end user experience and makes your site load faster.

Cloud Server

VPS Net Cloud Server

Well if you are ready to run on the advance side, you might want to check out cloud server renting services. Although VPS Net standard cloud server is selling slightly higher than the usual market price (at $90/mo, VPS Net offers 3.6GHz CPU, 2256MB dedicated RAM, and 60 GB Disk Space) but its cloud servers come with a few advantages: you’ll get full server control (down to the root access), in-house developed API that helps site automation, faster disk (powered by 48 drives in RAID10), and server management service available at $10/incident or $99.95/mo.

Upcoming & Other Reading Sources

I am in the midst of an interview arrangement with VPS Net Chief Evangelist Terry Myers but in case you would like to learn more about the company now, Joost (founder of and Yoast) had done a few interesting Q&As with Terry Myers (Cloud Hosting, Cloud Servers, what’s the difference?) and Managing Director, Rus Foster (VPS Net Issues: What’s Up and What Will They Do About It) and I think you guys should go check them out.

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