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  • Updated: Oct 01, 2009

FatCow customer Supports via Twitter

FatCow. Twitter. What comes into your mind when I relate these two names?

FatCow Twitter Page

Another hard-selling marketing campaign?

At least this was in my thought at first.

Apparently I was dead wrong. The Moo Crews are a lot smarter than this and instead of tweeting pushy advertising lines, they are now establishing two-way communications with customers on Twitter. I see Moo Crews answering pre-sell questions, supporting existing customers, interacting with bunch of other Twitters, and releasing meaningful company updates.

It’s good to see FatCow adapting itself well into the latest web trend. This (indirectly) shows the web host is ‘alive’ and dedicated to improve its user experience.

Tweets away at Twitter.com/FatCow.

FatCow’s Free Farm-Fresh Web Icons

Good news for lazy web developers looking for some free stuffs. FatCow is releasing a set of freshly designed web icons. The set of 1,000 icons comes in both 16 and 32 pixel versions in PNG format with transparent background (Gosh, I don’t need to search for free icons for a very long time after this).

FatCow free icons

And the best of all? It’s totally free! Check them out here.

Want to learn more about FatCow?

I’ve been testing FatCow services for a while and you can read my updated FatCow reviews here.

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