May Roundup: Avoiding Failure and Freebies

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  • Updated: Jul 12, 2017

May is a busy month for most website owners. It is filled with new outdoor activities, many outdoor sports start up, there are graduations, and weddings.

In between all of that, we found time to share a number of articles that will allow you to continue to build your blog and business. If you missed any of those articles this month, you'll find details on them below.

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New Features

If you're thinking about adding some new features to your blog or promotional roundup, we have some ideas for you.

Lori Soard discussed Starting and Running a Forum for Your Website. This in-depth guide explains how to create a feeling of community on your website, how to start a forum, and offers examples of online forums that work and work well.

In WHSR Twitter Chat Recap: Blog Growth Hacking Tips, Social Media Tools, and Make Money Blogging, Jason Chow shared some thoughts on Twitter Chat and digs deep into the statistics surrounding WHSR's new chat channel, #WHSRnetChat.

If you've been thinking about starting a chat on Twitter, or you just want to join in ours and be part of a thriving community, you'll want to check out this article.


In May, we uploaded two sets of free icons you can choose from.

  • 32 Mono-color Shopping Bag Icons – There are so many cute icons you can utilize on this page. They are appropriate for just about any niche you can imagine. You'll find bags with a heart, bags with a star, or a bag with a gift icon.
  • 36 Allergen-Free Cosmetics & Food Icons – These icons would be perfect for a food, health, or beauty blog. The set includes icons of a carrot, organic coffee, natural sunscreen, and even emblems for GMO free and peanut free.

Get Organized and Improve Your Blogging Efforts

Each month we focus on ways you can improve your blogging efforts and become more successful, better utilize your time, or make more money.

May was no exception. In 7 Steps to Organize Your Email and Add Hours to Your Week, KeriLynn Engel shares the best ways to get a handle on the massive number of emails that likely hit our inbox each week.

Instead of spending all your time trying to hunt down that customer email that is elusive, or wading through dozens of spam messages, you'll be able to quickly find what you need, respond, and move on to money making endeavors.

Gina Badalaty looked at 7 Lessons from Failed Blogs and Businesses to tell us what we shouldn't do, how to fix those failures, and how to find success.

Some of the best tips in this piece include advice about being upfront about your blog's message and goals, and to disagree without degrading others. If you've been trying to increase user engagement, you've likely realized just how difficult that task can be.

Fortunately, Luana Spinetti offers some solid advice for improving the way you interact with your followers in her article Social Media and Blog Metrics for Business – Analyzing User Interaction to Boost Engagement.

You won't want to miss the expert advice she's pulled in and the practical tips in this piece. Be sure to catch up on these wonderful articles from May, because we have some truly fascinating topics for you to read in June, including social media marketing tips, how bloggers can survive a recession, and info on self-publishing a book to help promote your blog and bring in another source of income. Until next month, may your blogging efforts be profitable and rewarding.

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