March Roundup: In-Depth Guides, Bloggings Tips, and Uptime Monitoring

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  • Updated: Dec 10, 2016

For those who experience the winter months, March is a month to look forward to because of the warmer temperatures and longer days. For those who are working hard to grow their online businesses, March here at Web Hosting Secret Revealed was full of tips to help with that goal.

In March, we rolled out some longer, in-depth guides. Lori Soard shared 25 Blogging Tips for Newbies, where she interviewed successful bloggers and gathered ideas on everything from finding social media success, to the importance of excellent photography skills, to a roundup of tips gathered from WHSR's experts. This guide will help you through those first days of building a blog and beyond.

Then, Daren Low, our resident marketing guru, took a side-by-side look at Target and Walmart and why the speed of each company's server makes a dramatic impact in online sales conversions. The results, which you can read in Target vs. Wal-Mart: Whose Server Is Faster? (& Why It Matters), are pretty startling and you can learn a lot about why you should care about server speed by reading the details contained within.

WordPress Help

Vishnu Supreet took a close look at some additional topics to help our WordPress users. In How to Add Google Calendar to Your WordPress Website, Supreet talks about the ways you can integrate a calendar into your WordPress site and the many different ways to utilize it. He also took a look at some gorgeous themes for beauty salons and spas and the pros and cons of each one.

Grow Your Blog

Staff writer Gina Badalaty shared how she makes $10,000 a year as a part-time mom blogger and how you can too. Not only does she delve into paid blog posts, but she talks about how to actually land those types of gigs and networks you can join that will help you attract companies interested in your services.

You can also increase your income by growing your blog in a strategic way, which KeriLynn Engel covers in her article Grow Your Blog Strategically with SMART Goal-Setting. Not only does Engel cover how to set goals, but goes much deeper into the quality of specific goals versus general ones.

Once you get things going strong with your blog, you'll want to read Luana Spinetti's How to Use DeviantART to Build a Loyal Community Around Your Blog. With a loyal following, you can do much more than by constantly havign to attract new leads day in and day out. Spinetti shares her own experience using DeviantART to accomplish just this thing and why the followers she gained were much more targeted as an audience.

What's Your Uptime?

If you're in the market for a web hosting company, or you just want to test your current one, don't forget WHSR's Uptime Monitoring tool. Simply create a 100% free account, add up to 10 different sits and you'll be notified when your sites go down. It is well worth the few minutes it takes to set up and will not only help you clearly see whether your uptime is actually 99% or higher, but will also help you immediately know if there is a problem with one of your sites so you can fix it quickly.

Be sure to come back and visit in April as we'll have a couple more in-depth articles and many other tips available to help you create the absolute best site you can create. We want you to succeed.

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