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  • Jun 05, 2015

Lunarpages has a new website designs in year 2009.

Lunarpages new web design

There were plenty of comments left here on the new designs. Many (mostly Lunarpages fans) leave positive feedbacks and think that the new design is more professional and easier to be used.

What I dislike about the new design

Personally, I don’t find Lunarpages new web design perfect. There were too many Flash files around and I miss the ‘testimonial’ section that used to top on the website first fold. The new Lunarpages homepage looks nothing special compare to another hosting reseller website.

What I like about the new design

However the website do offer better site navigation. Many inner pages and resources (such as webmaster tools) are now easier to be accessed.

Also, the inclusion of more support resources such as the Wiki is a good idea.

Bottom line: Lunarpages is serious about improving!

It’s not often to see web hosting providers changing their website design entirely. It takes a lot of money and time (and some say guts) to re-design a website that’s already been using for so long. The message embedded? Folks at Lunarpages are serious about their business and they are for real when they talk about “improving users experience”.

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