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  • Updated: May 09, 2019

Some time ago I took a closer look on California-based hosting company, Little Oak, and wrote a review based on my online research. From my perception the web host seems like a good one – there were quite some trustable positive reviews, Realmac recommended the host, and the hosting service is backed by 100% uptime SLA. My opinion, however, shouldn't be fully trusted. Afterall, I was never a Little Oak customer and I am not familiar with web development in Mac environment.

Little Oak Hosting Went Down – March 11/12th

About two days ago Little Oak network crashed and their users were left in the dark for few hours. WHSR visitor, Chay Spelman, buzzed me about the incident; and after exchanging a few emails, we decided to do an online interview about his experience at Little Oak.

Little Oak User Review

Here goes our Q&A session.

How long you have been with Little Oak (LO)?

Have been with LO for just over a year. They were recommended as a perfect hosting company for Rapidweaver sites by Realmac Software.

Can you tell us the URL of your site hosted at Little Oak?

Our site URL is We specialise in restorations and parts for Classic Minis.

So in overall how was your experience at Little Oak? What's the best thing you like about the hosting company? And, what's the worst that you dislike?

In general they were better than the last hosting company I used (Web Intellects). I put up with them for nearly 10 years! I expected a breath of fresh air but it was much of the same.

The cute design of their website installs confidence and the fact that they are approved by Realmac software was the main appeal.

From the start there were problems. They needed nearly a week to confirm my Paypal payment for some unknown reason. Then they were slow in transferring my domains. Also my e-mails are down at least once a month.

LO have a Facebook page which had no news or notifications posted regarding their latest outage. Not a professional way to treat clients whose livelihoods depend on their sites and emails to be functioning 24/7.

Chay thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

I hope this helps others out there who don't need the grief and hassle of dealing with yet another hosting nightmare.

Better Disaster Recovery Plan, Perhaps?

I did a little digging and read quite a number of user feedbacks on Little Oak before writing this post. To be fair, I think Little Oak is not that bad. Things go wrong all the time – even site as big as Google goes down sometimes, it's insane to expect absolute perfect performance from a small web host like Little Oak, yeah?

What bothers me, however,  is how the company dealt with this unexpected server/network outage. Users were left in the dark for hours and the folks at Little Oak certainly should do better than this.

@L.0. Jeremy: I think you are sadly misinformed. I'm assuming your Twitter account is (at any rate that's the account a lot of folks tweeted to). On that account Little Oak posted about the outage about 3-5 hours after the outage began: not exactly “timely”. So, yes, you posted, but you also posted way way late. – mitchellm

Little Oak's tweets below – It seems to me that the company only tweeted about the outage after the issue has been fixed. Read this thread on Realmac for another incident.

littleoak tweets

Readers, Send Us Your Feedbacks!

Are you hosting your sites at Little Oak? If yes, we want your reviews! Come join us at the comment section below. Tell us what you think about the web host, share us your thoughts and experience at Little Oak.

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