June Roundup: Social Media Tips, Writing Hacks, and Hosting Reviews

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  • Updated: Dec 10, 2016

Summer is a busy time for most business people. Conferences are held around the country for everything from blogging to running a business to a plethora of technical topics. Here at WHSR, we've also focused on some of these topics and more to keep our readers up to date about what is going on.

Social Media Tips

We started off the month with Lori Soard's article Smart Cross Social Media Marketing for Bloggers. In this article, Lori takes a look not only at what works for social media promotion, but how to combine your efforts so you are promoting across several platforms. You'll learn about tools you can use to make this task easier and how to plan posts for the best time of day for your particular target audience. If Facebook is the social media platform you'd like to focus on or perhaps just create a stronger presence on, then you won' want to miss Gina Baladaty's How to Improve Facebook Engagement in 2016. Gina talks about current changes and trends in Facebook social marketing. She offers useful advice and actionable tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook social promotions.

Writing Hacks & Tips

Whether you hire a team of writers, a blog manager, or you write posts yourself, fresh content is vital if you want to keep visitors coming back to your site time and time again. We understand the importance of quality content, both for search engine rank and for user engagement, so we cover this topic often here at WHSR. Our goal is to help make the process easier and more efficient for you. Staff writer Luana Spinetti shared some great ideas to help you write more efficiently in her article 8 Methods To Speed Up Writing and Produce Quality Blog Posts. Luana takes a look at some in depth data that shows how long it takes to write a well-researched posts and then digs into the methods she uses that help her speed up the work load she often has. She offers some really good shortcut ideas, such as writing an outline and doing research before you start writing. She even teaches you how to break down your headline to make sure the content of your article matches the tone and scope of that heading. Even with the best content in the world and even if you have amazing business sense, an economic downturn can impact your income level. Fortunately, Gina Badalaty shares 5 Blogger Tips for Surviving an Economic Recession to help you survive the lean times. Once you get those social media visitors to your website, you'll want to make sure you have a strong landing page and navigation in place. KeriLynn Engel covers this task in her article The Beginner’s Guide to Sales Funnels (and How to Create Your Own).

Hosting Reviews

Jerry Low offered a couple of new hosting reviews in June to help you figure out which hosting company might work best for your website. Miss Hosting received 3 out of 5 stars. Jerry describes it as a good host because of a reliable uptime record and multiple IP hosting, but it loses points because it is a bit more expensive than some other shared hosting plans. WebHostFace was also reviewed and got an amazing 5 out of 5 stars. Jerry Low calls it a “hidden gem” since the mainstream companies have not yet discovered this hosting company, but the company is very personalized showing the people behind the scenes that run it. On top of that, the cost is reasonable and the features are vast. In July, KeriLynn will continue her series on publishing an ebook to help promote your business, Lori will look at membership based sites, and Gina will look at sponsorships. We'll also have more reviews and many other exciting topics for you, so be sure to check back throughout the coming month.

About Lori Soard

Lori Soard has been working as a freelance writer and editor since 1996. She has a bachelor's in English Education and a PhD in Journalism. Her articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines, online and she's had several books published. Since 1997, she has worked as a web designer and promoter for authors and small businesses. She even worked for a short time ranking websites for a popular search engine and studying in-depth SEO tactics for a number of clients. She enjoys hearing from her readers.