July Roundup: Undercover Live Chat Survey, Interviews & Helps

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  • Updated: Aug 01, 2017

Dear Reader,

Summer is flying by so quickly! The days are still really warm at the moment, but that will change as we move through August and on into the fall. Our hope is that you're enjoying every minute of this warmer weather, but that you also are taking the time to continue to learn and grow in your business endeavors. We want you happy and successful!

We were really busy in July here at WHSR. Some things you won't want to miss:

Undercover Live Chat Survey

Our founder, Jerry Low, went undercover and did an intensive survey of 28 different hosting companies and their live chat support.

Jerry talks about the importance of finding a hosting company that offers reliable live chat support and why he prefers live chats over phone calls. For the test, he visited each website for said hosting company, asked for support via live chat, and kept track of his experience on a spreadsheet.

Some of the things he tracked included:

  • Number of attempts to connect
  • Average wait time
  • Whether he was satisfied with the experience
  • Additional notes and remarks

Check out this very enlightening survey to see how your web host stacks up and how other hosting companies you might be considering stack up.

Spoilers: SiteGroundInMotion HostingWeb Host FaceWP Engine, and Go Get Space stood out as the clear winners in this case.


We also spent some time getting to know experts such as Vim, Aparg, and Hostinger. Lori Soard (me) chatted with Hostinger founder Šarune Šaulyte about her vision for the company and how Hostinger bootstrapped their company to 29 million users in just 10 years.

I then spoke to Arsen Pyuskyulyan about how Aparg managed to grow their company to over 400 customers in a mere five years. The interviewed is filled with tips about expanding the company and how to keep the right focus through growth.

Finally, I had a chance to focus on Vim.org and the amazing work they are doing with their charityware. Bram Moolenaar shared both information about the Vim text editor as well as Vim's work with International Child Care Fund Holland, which sends money to the Kibaale Children's Centre in southern Uganda, helping the children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

Helpful Advice

Vince Robinson took the time to share with our readers some advice about 5 Truly Scary Things that Should Make You Run from a Hosting Company. Know the red flags to watch out for before you sign up for service.

Lori Soard shared 52 Weeks of Idea Starters for Your Blog. We've covered idea starters before, but here are 52 new and unique ones to get you through another year.

Ryan Biddulph talked about his first year of blogging and 7 lessons he learned. He breaks it down into growing your email list, driving traffic, and even how to use your skills to make money. If you're just getting started blogging, then you'll find this article really helpful.

Our resident WordPress expert, Christopher Jan Benitez, discusses 15 Must-Know Plugins for Affiliate Marketers. If you're looking to monetize your blog, then you'll want to check out these WordPress plugins and what they're capable of.

What's Next?

In August, we have interviews coming up with a fighter pilot turned business consultant, who focuses on how to win in life. Christopher will have even more WordPress tips for you. Jerry Low is hard at work on his next assignment. And numerous other guests and writers are working on unique offerings to help you grow your business and your revenue.

Until then, may all your days be successful ones.


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