January Roundup: Freshening Things Up, Twitter & Facebook

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  • Updated: Feb 09, 2018

Dear Readers,

It’s hard to believe that January 2018 is already passed and we are into February now. Hopefully the weather is warm where you are. It is not warm at all in Southern Indiana, making us all long for spring. However, the colder weather gives us more time indoors to catch up on our reading. And we have a lot of great articles for you to look at here at WHSR.

Freshening Things Up

One thing you’ll notice during the coming months is a refresh of old articles and content. From time to time, we need to add updates to various things to stay as current as possible. While you can learn a lot from searching through our archives, I think you’ll appreciate the new tips and additions we have to offer.

Social Media Tips

There is no doubt that the future of marketing is on social media. This will likely remain for some time to come. With that in mind, we covered a number of topics in January that will help you understand how to better navigate the social media forest.

Timothy Shim shared ideas for How to Create Amazing Social Media Videos in 5 Minutes, where he talks about the difference in just content and dynamic content.

Azreen Azmi chimed in with Clever Twitter Bios that Will Make You Go Oooh and Aahh. He takes a look at some of the more interesting Twitter bios he’s come across. This will help with ideas for how to create your own clever bio for Twitter.

Finally, Timothy also took a look at the ways that Facebook earns money. Facebook is a powerhouse when it comes to driving profit, so studying their tactics is a smart move for any business owner.

Enhancing Your Blog

We also covered a number of topics meant to help you enhance your blog, as well as other fun topics. Some of these articles included:

We’re hard at work on some additional features for you here in February. Even though it is a short month, we are certain that you’ll find the time to continue improving your websites and growing your businesses. Until next time!

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