Introducing Host In 15: Pick The Right Web Host In 15 Minutes

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  • Updated: Mar 04, 2016
Just a quick update that I have been working on a new site, Host In 15, and it is now up and running.
Focusing on only five best hosting options, Host In 15 aims to help shoppers to select the right web host in the shortest possible time. There will be nothing but meaningful comparisons and up-to-date information on the top 5 selected hosting companies – No web design articles, no round ups on latest web development tools, no social media marketing strategies – the site is built solely for visitors who want for a web hosting deal.

The philosophy and mission behind Host In 15

The philosophy behind Host In 15 is simple – Less Is More.

After years of experience at WHSR, I come to realised one important point: You actually do not need a lot of options to make the right call. More choices do not help you make a better decision. In fact, shoppers are often spoiled by choices – the options eventually become noises that delay your decision and make you less productive. Do you really want to read thru 20 hosting reviews, watch 10 YouTube videos, scan thru endless Tweets, and PM a number of FB friends just to get a web host? No! There are much better things to do in life. You want a web host, you need to solve your hosting needs, full stop. There is no point to stretch yourself thin in this. Pick someone credible to trust, read their recommendation, check if the price fits into your budget, make the purchase, and that’s it, job done.

Why Five Hosting Companies Only?

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Seriously, all you need is a pool of five web hosts to choose from – especially if you are new to this, there isn’t much to consider (stop wasting your time). Also, focusing on only five web host allow is much easier for me to keep track (so the info you get at Host In 15 is the latest) and to write some really in-depth reviews (so you get better information in term of who to choose).

Article by Jerry Low

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