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InterServer introduces Swift, our new highly advanced backup system in conjunction with Acronis. InterServer has partnered with Acronis to bring you the best backup solution on the market today. Acronis is a leading developer of cloud backup software. Here is a short introduction to help you get familiar with the basic functions of Swift.

How backups are done at InterServer

Our users' backups are safely stored on the InterServer cloud inside our TEB2 Secaucus, NJ datacenter. Backups are incremental so only the data that has changed gets copied over. You can take a full system image of your machine and restore it with an ISO file. Additionally, you will be able to backup any of your servers located in our datacenter such as a VPS or Dedicated Server or anywhere else in the world. Even your workstation at home should be protected. You can also easily restore individual files. Our pricing model is straightforward and easy to understand without any hidden fees.

Quick glance on Interserver Swift Backup plans.

The release of Swift will present an awesome new set of features that will be available to a majority of our product offerings. The Swift backup system can very well be a major step in securing your personal or business data. From workstation backups to remote server backups, Swift cloud backup system covers all grounds.

In this blogpost, we hope to display the unique advantage and features that Swift offers along with addressing the simple question, “Why should you backup your data?”. Let’s get to it.

Why should you backup your data?

In this section we will discuss the importance of backups. While it may seem a little silly to discuss the rather obvious importance of backups, the Acronis backup system proves there are definitive levels to this game.

Our new backup system powered by Acronis is flexible, efficient, and secure. It is a crucial step in order to protect your business or data from outside threats. Backups are essentially the equivalent of buying an insurance policy for a valuable asset. They help recover from a number of instances which may cause data loss. Not only is it mission critical to have a backup system, but in particular one that is powered by Acronis, a proven cloud backup specialist that guarantees the safety and worth of your data. With all these important features and supported systems, why do you need it?

The impact backups have are tremendous.

First and foremost, they allow to recover from partial or complete data loss. But aside from data loss, having a backup allows for flexibility. Imagine owning a small business and losing some important client data. The backup can help immediately restore this lost data. Even in a worst case scenario of complete hardware or software failure, Swift can help recover. The disk-image backup is one of the most powerful features of Swift. It allows to restore a complete backup just by boot; one of the many key features listed in the article. Virtual servers are fully integrated in this feature as well, simply by selecting the remote VPS backups option offered.

Generally, whether you own a business or manage a personal blog, it is within reason to use a backup system. It creates a major safety net to any issues that may surface and a layer of redundancy that is maximized for efficiency. This way, you are guaranteed no room for major error. While the goal is to avoid these situations, it’s always beneficial to have that extra layer of insurance on hand.

Key Features

Listed below are features of our new cloud backup system.

Disk-Image Backup

Disk-Image backups can be extremely critical when it comes to a worst case scenario. It works by taking a complete backup of your machine. Then, you have the option to restore by booting into an IOS file or access individual files via the control panel. Probably one of the most exciting features of Swift, the Disk-Image backup plays a powerful role in the event of hardware failure.

Cloud Storage

Backups are stored in the InterServer cloud swift file system. You pay for only how much you store without any transfer fees. Once the initial backup is finally completed, you can refer to it as stored in the InterServer Swift cloud storage. From here, you may proceed to checkout incremental backups and work with the central management tool.

Central Management

Control and management is performed online through a central interface. This interface delivers the status of all devices and may be configured to alert you in problematic situations. With an interface that offers a seamless experience, navigate through all your backups and even pinpoint specific files within large backups easily.

Encrypted Backups

Encrypted backups is a security feature which encrypts the data migrated. This keeps your data secure through the use of encryption algorithms. In addition, the data can only be accessed by using the password that you uniquely set.

Backup Agents

Backup agents are software processes that perform in the background to backup and transfer your files to our cloud infrastructure called Swift. Backup agents are designed to transfer data effortlessly without heavily taxing your service. For instance, when performing a remote VPS backup, expect performance to remain optimal!

Incremental Backups

Once an initial backup is completed, only modified files thereafter will be transferred over. This is a major key in Swift's performance which reflects onto yours. Instead of keeping a constant revision of your files transferred to the backup cloud, which is extremely task heavy and can cause drawbacks in multiple levels of performance, Swift detects changes on files that were recently altered. It then recognizes that a change was made and updates the current backup in the cloud infrastructure.

Supported Systems

Listed below are all the compatible systems with Swift.

  1. Microsoft Exchange
  2. On-Premise Management Console
  3. Microsoft Windows Server with Exchange
  4. Hypervisors with Virtual Exchange Servers
  5. Cloud Workloads with Exchange Servers

Get Started

Covering all grounds, InterServer introduces the Swift backup system to most of our offered services.

VPS and dedicated servers are all eligible to use the Swift backup system, with shared hosting to be integrated in the near future. When using Swift, you can experience the benefits of a modern cloud backup system  avoiding any issues of redundancy and faults. Rest assured, Swift is maximized for efficiency when backing up data by using modern design.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team or call our toll free number, 1-877-NJ-COLO-1.



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