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  • Jun 05, 2015

I’m glad to see Hostgator (one of my favorite hosting) back end support system is going thru a major overhaul. The overhaul project is to enhance Hostgator’s current customer/billing system into an integrated billing, affiliate, chat, and ticket system known as ‘Gator’.

Outsiders like you and me might not notice big differences before and after the upgrades but this project, according to Brent (founder of Hostgator) himself is desperately needed as current system is seriously lack of automation and inefficient. The folks at Hostgator are reported using ModernBill for billing, Kayako for tickets, LivePerson for chat, and a hacked up version of ultimate for affiliates (I was like “wow, that’s lots of variation for a big company like Hostgator!” when I first knew this).

Introducing Hostgator’s new ticket system

If you ever login to Hostgator’s ticket system lately you should notice the changes as they are now running on a new interface. The new design is better in term of user friendly and looks more professional.

On top of its better outlook, the ticket system comes with a new functions where users get to rate the responses you get from Hostgator customer support team.

Hostgator ticket system control panel

For those who’re not with Hostgator, here’s a quick view on the new ticket system homepage:

Hostgator new ticket system

What does this mean for Hostgator users?

So despite all the hoo-haa of the upgrades and back to the key question: What do all these upgrading works meant for us?

Well first, it shows that the company’s will to improve and advance in the business. In other words, it shows that the company is serious about their business, thus is more ‘trust-able’ compare to other third-class reseller hosting companies.

The upgrades, according to Brent, will result in millions a year in savings and at least a 30% increase to staff productivity. If what the founder said is accurate then we can expect Hostgator’s customer support will be much better than what we are having now (which is already top of its class in my opinion).

So, as long as the price of Hostgator remain the same, upgrades and improvement are always welcomed. I remain my rating with Hostgator and would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a reliable web hosting service.

Side note: This article is just an update on web host covered in W.H.S.R., to learn further in detail, read my Hostgator Review. Alternatively, you can visit Hosgator official website online to check out their service by your own.

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