February Roundup: New Review Tool, Improving Your Blog, and Making More Money

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  • Updated: Feb 27, 2020

February always seems to pass so quickly. This February was the same, but we got an extra day with it being a leap year. Even though it was a shorter month, WHSR was still hard at work bringing you new articles and improving our tools.

We've recently added a new test method in our hosting reviews by using Bitcatcha.

On your next monthly roundup, can you mention that we have now added a new test method in our hosting reviews using a tool named ‘Bitcatcha’ http://www.bitcatcha.com/ (yes – please add a link to this site – nice tool). Did you ever wonder how we test hosting companies for our reviews? When we test a host, we now ping our test sites from 8 different locations worldwide. We then compare the response rate for the test sites with more than 10 million samples in the Bitcatcha database. You can see some samples of the ratings and results in our published reviews. Here are a few examples:

Improving Your Blog

While some elements of good content will always remain the same (good writing skills, topics that interest readers), the face of content has made some pretty drastic changes recently. Read Lori Soard's complete guide on How the Face of Content Is Changing in 2016. You'll learn tips and tricks from experts in the content and marketing industries as well as gain ideas for improving your overall traffic and keeping your site excellent both now and in the coming year.

Luana Spinetti offered some really helpful tips in her post titled How to Write an Outstanding Blog Post When the World Breaks Loose (In and Outside of You). She talks about the depression that can sometimes strike and how to keep writing even through the hard times. Luana also includes some additional tips from other blogging experts to help you through times when you're blocked with your writing or the world seems to be weighing you down.

2016 is the year to add another language or two to your blog. If you've already saturated the English-speaking market, why not convert your site into Spanish or French and reach even more readers? Vishnu Supreet takes on this topic and shares some ways you can easily convert your WordPress blog into another language in his article Adding Different Languages To WordPress.

Making More Money

A quality blog is important, but if you get all of those elements in place, then it's time to focus on new or better ways to monetize your blog. KeriLynn Engel shares some tips on how to land your first sponsored post (or even to land more sponsored posts.

She then takes a look at how marketing is a lot like online dating and encourages business owners to dig in and really push marketing efforts.

 If you're a new blogger, then take the time to read Gina Baladaty's post on Email Marketing for New Bloggers. She covers everything from starting your newsletter to attracting subscribers.

Looking Forward to March

In March, we have a number of interesting topics planned for you to help you continue to grow your business. Be sure to stop by back and read them all.

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