February Roundup: New Hosting Reviews & New Ways to Monetize Your Site

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  • Updated: Mar 02, 2018

Dear Readers,

As we close out the short month of February, it always seems as though there should be a few more days in this month. Even with such a short month, we were able to get quite a bit accomplished here at WHSR. One big thing our founder, Jerry Low, has been hard at work on is revamping some of our older hosting interviews and updating articles. His new 80-point rating system digs down deep into what each hosting company has to offer and shares with you which services are the best of the best.

Ideas for Monetizing Your Site

While the main focus in February was on revamping our hosting reviews, there were a couple of new articles released that will give you some ideas on ways to monetize your website.

Timothy Shim wrote an article that digs down into how Facebook makes money. While smaller business owners can't expect to compete with the largest social media site in the world, there is a lot you can learn from their monetization strategies.

Luana Spinetti shared a guide on how to sell your online course, even in topics that might not be as popular. She shares tips for generating traffic for your site and how to generate buzz.

Hosting, Privacy, & Protection

As mentioned above, we've been hard at work refreshing articles on the site. Three that will help you take your own site to the next level are:

Hosting Reviews to Check Out

Some of the refreshed reviews along with new ratings include:

As you can see, it might have been a shorter month, but we were still hard at work to bring you all the information you need to run a successful website. In March, we'll have a new interview and be hard at work refreshing even more articles and reviews. Stay tuned for updates!

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