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  • Updated: Jan 04, 2014

FatCow hit a remarkable home-run early this year as their user base increased dramatically even in this economy downtime. In a recent news released, FatCow revealed that the company’s customer base grew more than 29% in just one quarter in year 2009. (Guest I’m not the only one who finds them trustworthy!)

Words from FatCow Marketing Manager

FatCow Marketing manager Paul Bukhovko credited the company’s support team as the main reason of the success.

”FatCow was founded on the idea that if you treat customers well, they’ll return the favor. FatCow’s customers are engaged and give us great feedback. By listening to their advice, we’re able to make real improvements. For example, we’ve been able to increase customer satisfaction with our support team by 16% since this time last year.”

”Our customers are happy, which means they’re staying with us, buying additional accounts and referring new customers to us. Our external marketing efforts are more successful because our reputation has gotten even stronger. And we’re not going to stop here. Next quarter, we’ll be utilizing social media to reach out to our customers and develop a better understanding of who they are and what they need from us.”, said Mr. Bukhovko.

Also from the news:

…To ensure satisfaction among existing customers, FatCow initiated a new Customer Experience department, which conducts usability studies, focus groups and a variety of service- and product-related surveys. The studies led to improvements in speed and functionality on fatcow.com, as well as improvements to the control panel, availability of online information, and the CGI and MySQL platforms. Early returns indicate that FatCow has made it much easier for new customers to create web sites and e-mail accounts–the key foundations of any web host’s success.

The FatCow Web Hosting Company also expanded its hosting offering tremendously by removing storage and transfer limits. It was among the first hosts to integrate into its control panel a number of tools designed to improve search engine optimization and site usability, including Google Webmaster Tools, Google Custom Search and SubmitNet search services…

(Src: http://www.thehostingnews.com/news-fatcow-web-hosting-provider-experiences-29-growth-5371.html)

What I think about FatCow?

FatCow is a very special web hosting company – the way they brought up their hosting plans, they way they design their website, the way they brought out the hosting plan – everything seems different in FatCow. Personally, I define being different and surviving for 10 years as remarkable. In terms of hosting features, I found their service is very good. I especially like their backup policy where servers are backup daily to ensure that data can be restored – which is not often seen in budget hosting. more on FatCow review.

I’m trying to arrange an interview with Paul but this will depends on his schedule. Hopefully I can get his response at the end of the month and publish the Q&A session by May. Stay tuned!

About FatCow hosting

Founded in 1998, FatCow is a provider of shared Web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and individuals looking for an affordable Web hosting option. As mentioned in their website, they grown our company with a dedicated group of talented believers in the notion that simple, old fashioned service and value still ring true.

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