December Roundup: Free Graphics, Busy News Month, SMM and Blogging Tips

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  • Updated: Dec 29, 2014

December has been a busy news month for website hosts. Early in the month, we highlighted some of the bigger stories coming down the pike, such as Microsoft gearing up to release Windows 10, Firefox 35 and what it will offer to web designers and Adobe acquiring Fotolio.

In addition, we had a a few new topics we covered here at WHSR that you'll find helpful as you wrap up 2014 and head into 2015.

Free Graphics

Adding a new look to your blog can be an excellent way to freshen things up in the new year. Start with Jerry Low's article 20+ Free Image Sources for Your Blog: Find and Download Beautiful Images.

Minimalist Icons

You'll also want to check out our latest upload of free design icons in a Minimalist style that will work with nearly any theme. There are 36 different icons in the bundle. Just a few of the available icons include:
screenshot of icons

  • Magic wand
  • Printer icon
  • Search icon
  • Paint roller
  • Pencil
  • Camera
  • Scissors
  • Mouse
  • Lamp
  • Briefcase

You will also want to read Lori Soard's Can You Use That Photo? Understanding Fair Use and What Photos Can and Can't Be Used Legally on Your Blog to figure out what images you can use to enhance your blog without paying a bundle for stock photos. While stock photos have their place, supplementing with free images can keep your blog interesting within your budget.

Social Media Marketing & Blogging Tips

Social Media Management (SMM) has become more and more important to successfully running a site that people flock to. If you need to brush up on your social media management basics or just do a quick refresher, Luana Spinetti's Social Media Marketing Basics – The 2014 Starter Guide For SMM Managers is a great place to start.

Ms. Spinetti shares tips such as:

  • Choosing an objective
  • What's considered mainstream social media
  • Best marketing tactics for each of the big 7 social media sites
  • Secondary social media sites to consider

Each and every month we share blogging tips for our readers. In December, we talked about Evergreen Articles (yes, they are still vital to your site!) and how to ensure you're writing content that people will want to read now and in the future.

Jerry Low took a look at the top 5 tips for starting a successful blog. Some of the tips in this infographic are very powerful for bloggers, including not just finding a niche topic but finding the right niche.

Finally, Lori Soard shares her personal experience of having a brand she worked hard to build snatched out from under her and what she learned from the experience in her article What to Do When You've Built a Brand and Someone Steals it Out from Under You. She shares tips for avoiding this issue with your own website, so your hard work is not lost or derailed.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Owner Jerry Low, the writers and the editors here at WHSR would like to wish all of our readers a very happy New Year. Come back throughout January for more updates, webhosting news and more tips on taking your site to the next level.

It's been a pleasure to watch our readership grow in 2014 and to hear your success stories about your own sites. Together, we can make 2015 even more successful.

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