CoolHandle: Exclusive Promotion (20% Off) & Review Updates

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  • May 01, 2011

Great company respond on consumer feedbacks and make changes accordingly. Not long ago I did  a review on CoolHandle and I mentioned that I dislike their expensive price tags in my CoolHandle Review. Guess what? They responded and made me a special promotion code (WHSR) that gives one-time 20% discount to all CoolHandle shared hosting deals.

CoolHandle – 20% Discount

That’s right. Visit CoolHandle, copy-and-paste the code WHSR, get 20% discount off from your shared hosting bill.

Should you go with CoolHandle?

If you asked me is CoolHandle recommended yesterday, I would node and say they are not bad. But if you ask me today, then I have no hesitation to tell you a BIG YES. This promo-code thingy improves things greatly and franlyI can’t help but have the perception that CoolHandle is one of the best hosts now.

Here’s why.

One, after 20% discount using promo code WHSR, CoolHandle shared hosting prices are now at $3.96/mo, $8.76/mo, and $10.36/mo for their Starter, Business, and Pro Package. Yes, considering the web host is giving limited addon domains and MySQL databases for Starter and Business Plans, these after-discount-prices are still not the cheapest.Nevertheless, seeing that we are getting ultra fast server, green hosting features, and great room for hosting upgrades at CoolHandle, the prices are (at least) reasonable.

Two, think about when’s the last time a big hosting company like CoolHandle will read and listen to online reviews? I bet you don’t get a lot of that. This is why I think that the response on this pricey-thingy is a H-U-G-E positive sign for CoolHandle. This means folks at CoolHandle are listening, and working lively in doing C.I. (aka continuous improvement). If you are serious about getting a good web host, I am sure you prefer to stick with the kind of hosts where they care about their reputation and work hard to grow their business.

How to have this CoolHandle Promotion?

It’s pretty easy to use the promotion code on CoolHandle. But for your reference I have made a couple of print screen below and the most important part of it is that you copy-and-paste the right code WHSR.

1. Start ordering from the shared hosting offer page.

CoolHandle Discount

2. Pick a new domain or enter existng one.

CoolHandle Discount

3. Select your shared hosting plan.

CoolHandle Discount

4. Apply the promo code WHSR.

CoolHandle Discount

5. And… you are done. Easy? :)

CoolHandle Discount

Visit CoolHandle online now:

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