Bye Bye Hostgator, Hello WP Engine

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  • Updated: Mar 04, 2016

WHSR is leaving Hostgator and will be hosted on WP Engine starting this week. Site migration is done and we should be just hours away for the DNS propagation to complete.

*Update: You can now read my WPEngine Hosting Review here.

What cause the move, Jerry?

I was given the chance to try out WP Engine hosting for free. Well, not completely free, I need to write them a review in return; but I have 100% freedom on what I want to write – good or bad. Seeing that WHSR growing steadily for the past 2 years (the blog actually went down twice due to heavy traffic surge), I believe it’s the right time to go for something ‘premium’ like what WP Engine has to offer.

Are you saying that you are unhappy with Hostgator?

No, not a bit. In fact, I am very happy with Hostgator service and am still keeping my Hostgator account (BabyHosting Plan) for my other websites.

Hostgator and WP Engine are two very different type of hosting services – You don’t compare apple with an orange.

WP Engine who?

WP Engine is somewhat new in hosting industry but they are very good. By focusing solely on WordPress hosting, the company delivers topnotch performance and won several huge client names in a very short time, including HTC, FourSquare, America’s Test Kitchen, as well as SoundCloud.

Last year April I interviewed WP Engine co-founder Jason Cohen (it’s a good piece, go read it) and I have published a new WP Engine review based on my usage experience, check it out: WP Engine Review.

I will be watching WP Engine closely for the next few months – do come back for more updates and in-depth reviews. For the time being, to learn more about WP Engine, visit:

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