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  • Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Hello, everyone. This will be our last roundup, at least for a while.

We'll be making a few changes at WHSR, so stayed tuned to see what we are up to.

Don't worry, you'll still get amazing, in-depth articles and the reviews we've always brought you. We'll just be shifting our focus to what is the most useful to our readers.

Publish A Book

Throughout August, our writers shared numerous tips to help you improve your blog. KeriLynn Engel shared the first three articles in her How to Self Publish Your Book series. You can learn about Traditional vs. Self Publishing for BloggersSetting Your Timeline and Budget, and 5 Ways to Sell Your Self-Published Book. In September, look for parts # 4 and # 5, which will cover Designing and Formatting Your Book and 11 Ways to Market Your Book.

Improve Your Blog

Lori Soard took a look at 6 Ways to Build Trust with Your Readers & Turn Them into Customers and got feedback from experts like Kristine B. Snively of Pristine Public Relations and looked at some eamples of big brands that made stupid marketing choices and how they were able to recover.

Luana Spinetti shared a unique piece on How to Grow Your Blog While You're On Vacation, sharing tips on how to keep your blog from growing stagnant while you're away and not disappointing your readers.

Luana also had some excellent tips for How to Get Started with Video Marketing for Your Blog. This short guide goes into everything from body language to minimal distractions for the best video possible.

Hosting Reviews

We have a couple of new hosting reviews for you to check out this month. As you already know, Jerry Low does some in-depth research for our hosting reviews. Not only does he track uptime, he tries out the hosting companies for himself, checking everything from hosting speed to what features the hosting company offers.

One hosting company he looked at is fairly new. PeoplesHost was started in 2015, but already has a Tier-4 data center based in Orlando, Florida. Discover what you'll get for your money and why Jerry gave this hosting company four out of five stars. It gets a high ranking for no overselling and reasonable price. However, the performance could be a bit sluggish.

Jerry also took a look at M3Server. This hosting company has been around more than two decades and has data centers based in multiple states and countries. It is more of an enterprise-level of hosting services with high performance and off-site server backups. M3Server gets a thumbs up for being a one-stop solution and performance. Jerry recommends it for small businesses with a lot of traffic.

Stay Updated

This will be our last monthly roundup, but you can always read new posts from our WHSR blog page. The newest content appears on the top left. Another option is to sign up for our mailing list in the sidebar on any page on this website. You'll get regular updates on the latest happenings at WHSR. Be sure to stop by our blog in September. We have many new features that you won't want to miss.

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