August Roundup: Last Days of Summer

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  • Aug 29, 2014

During the blazing heat of August, it is easy to forget that fall is just around the corner. This is a good time to start planning some fall cleaning for your website and to refresh things and get some solid systems in place before heading into the longer winter months. By getting your website in order, you free up your time to write plenty of great content during the months when you’ll naturally be indoors and behind your computer more often.

Welcome Dan Virgillito

WHSR welcomes our newest writer, Dan Virgillito. Dan enjoys writing for startups, established companies and nonprofit groups and helping them with content strategy. His articles for August include LSI Keywords Can Help Your Content Rank Faster and 4 Ways to Generate Leads with a Premium LinkedIn Profile.


My name is Dan, and I love helping people with words and strategy (especially online).

I’m a digital native who can spot misspellings from a distance and help you storytell your online product, business and ideas better. Simply put, I’m a wordsmith with a touch of geekism (version for beautiful girls and Fortune 500 CEOs: freelance content strategist, yay).

I lived and breathed the Internet since I was 9 and I couldn’t love it more. And hey, it has given me the freedom to live in Sicily, where the sun shines 24/7 and the food tastes better than 98,5% of the world!

Writing Tips and Promoting Your site

In August, we’ve focused on helping you write better content that will engage your visitors and keep them coming back for additional advice. Start by grabbing tips from Jerry Low’s infographic 7 Must Have Elements of A Great Blog Post. Once that great blog post is written, read Lori Soard’s tips for keeping the reader reading your article in Keep Your Readers Interested with Hooks and Hangers. You can then take that advice, write a standout article and promote it on social media. Learn how by reading 18 Instant Tips to Smarter SMM Strategies.

Gina Badalaty discusses brands and bloggers in her article Brands & Bloggers: Best Practices for Working Together. Learn how to approach bloggers to form a strategic partnership and what to expect.

Good to Great: 7 Must Have Elements in Your Blogpost (view full infographic here)
Good to Great: 7 Must Have Elements in Your Blogpost (view full infographic here)

Web Hosting Updates

In August, WHSR looked at HostMetro and why it is a good hosting company for new website owners. Jerry Low reviewed every aspect of this hosting company, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not they are right for your business needs. You’ll even find details of their various hosting plans in this article.

Jerry also tackled the topic of cloud hosting. Have you ever felt like you don’t completely understand “the cloud”? Everything You Need to Know about Cloud Storage covers everything you need to know about hosting on the cloud, including public, private and hybrid differences.

Are you in the middle of moving your WordPress site and it has turned into a pure nightmare? Lori Soard shares some tips for fixing issues when moving your site in her article Troubleshooting When Your WordPress Migration to a New Host Becomes a Nightmare. Learn how to fix common database errors and image issues.

Up-To-The-Minute News

In August, WHSR began releasing timely news updates that website owners need to know right now. Jerry Low started off by offering an August Uptime report. Throughout the month, Jerry Low tracks a variety of website hosts, seeing what the uptime is. This helps save you time if you’re looking for a new host and want an unbiased report of their typical uptime.

In addition, we covered concerns over Russian hackers gathering millions of passwords and what it means for your website now and in the future. As always, we want your site to be productive for you, so we offer some simple tips meant to make your site as hack-proof as possible.

Going forward, we will offer a roundup of news updates every couple of weeks to keep you apprised of any major changes in everything from Google’s algorithms to new advances in hosting to other news that impacts you as a website owner.

We hope you enjoy these final days of summer and look forward to offering advice in September to help you improve your sites, gain more visitors and write better content.

Article by Lori Soard

Lori Soard has been working as a freelance writer and editor since 1996. She has a bachelor's in English Education and a PhD in Journalism. Her articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines, online and she's had several books published. Since 1997, she has worked as a web designer and promoter for authors and small businesses. She even worked for a short time ranking websites for a popular search engine and studying in-depth SEO tactics for a number of clients. She enjoys hearing from her readers.

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