April Roundup: Reviews of Web Hosts and Blogging Tips from the Pros

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  • Updated: May 02, 2015

Apparently spring can’t decide if she wants to be a lion or a lamb since the weather has been all over the place this April. Fortunately, WHSR has maintained a singular focus, intent on teaching you to blog better, get more traffic to your site and find the best web hosting companies possible.

Web Hosting Reviews

In April, we reviewed DTS-NET and had the opportunity to interview the founder of this hosting company. Learn about the pros and cons of DTS-NET as a hosting company and then read the exclusive interview with Craig Gendrolas to learn more about his answer to some tough questions.

We also took a look at MDD Hosting and gave it a rare 4-star review because of the reasonably priced plans the variety of plans available from this hosting company. Their facility is based in Denver.

Jerry Low took the time to interview Deb A. of Crucial Paradigm and review the web hosting company. The company is based in Australia and is a good company for new bloggers.

UPDATE: We recently reviewed Optimal Hosting. After our review went live, we noticed that they are no longer answering emails and their live chat is a dead link. Proceed with caution at this time.

Blogging Tips

April seemed like a good month to rebuild our blogging hub page. You’ll find beginner tips, like “How to Build a Blog in 15 Minutes” and “5 Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Newbie Blogger”. However, you’ll also find articles for those who’ve been blogging for a while and just want to improve their craft, such as “20 Creative Writing Prompts for Bloggers” and “Top 5 Ways to Catch Typos and Errors in Your Own Writing”.

Have you ever wondered how readable your articles are? Lori Soard takes a look at Checking How Readable Your Articles Are with Word’s Readability Statistics. Get step-by-step instructions on how to use this tool to keep your readers engaged.

Vishnu Supreet takes a look at WordPress plugin GetSocial to help you with your social media sharing needs. Find out what features this plugin has and the pros and cons of using GetSocial.

Gina Baladaty combines her experience blogging and interviews with other mom bloggers and starts her series on How to Start a Successful Mom Blog, including tips for monetizing the blog.

Finally, adding user engagement to your blog can help enhance the personal level of your visitors’ experiences. Luana Spinetti shares how in her article 37 Elements of User Engagement – UX, Conversions, Loyalty.

May Is Blooming

The month of May promises to be another busy and informative month at WHSR. Gina Baladaty will continue with her mom blogs series, Vishnu Supreet takes a close look at some industry specific WordPress themes, and we’ll bring you more reviews, exclusive interviews and news.


Article by Lori Soard

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