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  • Updated: Jul 20, 2011

Hey, I am terribly sorry if you missed the previous iPage’s weekend sales. Truth is, I was enjoying my week in Bali, Indonesia.


(That’s Tanah Lot Sea Temple – where you can enjoy one of nicest sunset scenes in the world.)

I didn’t get any notification about the promotion upfront and had no idea this was coming. I did manage to tweet about it (I brought my iPad!) from Bali on Saturday but I doubt many of you guys got the message.

Time Limited Offer: iPage Discount $2.95/mo

The good news is, for some unknown reason, the folks at iPage is extending the promotion and according to the site, at this time of writing, you have roughly another day. For the next (roughly) 24 hours, you’ll get a 58% price cut upon signup. The promotion slashes iPage price from $6.95/mo to $2.95/mo. (see print screen).

iPage Discount

Get this promotion now, visit http://www.ipage.com within the next 24 hours.

Why you should have a look on this iPage promotion

A few reason why I think this promo is a great one:

1. It’s A Great Savings The price cut, from $6.95/mo to $2.95/mo is H.U.G.E. Take 24 months subscription for example, that’s almost $100 savings. Everything you get is the same; the only different is that you will be paying much lesser than those who do not signup during this promotion period.

2. It’s (kind of ) Rare I don’t often see offer like this from iPage. In fact I was a little surprise when I noticed the huge discount. Ever since the host raised its price tag early this year, I thought the good days of cheap good hosting were (sort of) gone. Well, apparently I am wrong (for the next 24 hours). :)

So hey, in case you are looking for a budget host or you are still wondering if iPage is a go, make sure you check out this iPage discount. To learn more about iPage, feel free to check out my updated iPage review.

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