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  • Updated: Jul 27, 2013

I am currently experimenting a few design concepts with several different infographic tools online. Below is one of the graphics I made using Infogr.am using the data from my previous case study on Google. Looks cool, isn’t? It was made in less than half hour using a free account.

SEO Study: Penguin One Year Anniversary

Google SEO Analysis Infographic


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<h3>SEO Study: Penguin One Year Anniversary</h3>
 <p><img alt="Google SEO Analysis Infographic" src="/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/post-Penguin_0.png" width="600" height="3373" /></p>
 <p>Data source and original article: <a href="http://www.webrevenue.co/search-engine-optimization/post-penguin-and-google-analysis/">One Year Later: Post Penguin and Google Analysis</a></p>

Some Quick Notes

So far, I think Infogr.am and PikToChart have the best user interfaces for starters but I’m still testing out new stuffs on daily basis (thus this might change some day). If you want more guides and my tools collection, you should check out How To Make Beautiful Charts And Infographics.

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