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8 Best Disposable Email Services – Free Temporary Emails

In a world where our every click, search, and scroll is recorded, and our data is bought and sold by corporations and governments alike – disposable email services are an increasingly essential tool for protecting our online identities. These services allow us to create temporary email addresses that can be used for specific purposes and then discarded – keeping our primary email addresses safe from unwanted spam and potential phishing attacks.

In this article, we'll explore the best disposable email services available in 2023 and provide you with a simple guide on how temporary email works. Let's dive in!

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1. Proton Mail

Use Proton Mail to Create Free Temporary Emails

Proton Mail is a secure email service that prioritizes user privacy with end-to-end encryption, anonymous accounts, and an open-source platform. Offering both free and premium plans, it is a reliable choice for those who are looking for a private email solution.

Key Features

  • End-to-End Encryption: Secure email communication with end-to-end encryption.
  • Anonymous Email: Create an account without providing personal information.
  • Open Source: Transparent and auditable, thanks to its open-source nature.
  • Custom Domains (Premium): Use custom domain names for your email address.

Proton Mail Pricing

  • Free Plan: Basic features with 1 GB storage and 150 messages per day.
  • Plus Plan (3.99 €/mo): Additional features, 15 GB storage, and custom domains for a monthly fee.
  • Unlimited Plan (9.99 €/mo): Designed for businesses with multiple users, custom domain support, and more storage.

2. Mail Drop

Use Mail Drop to Create Free Temporary Emails

Mail Drop cc is a straightforward disposable email service developed by Heluna, a cloud-based antispam service company. The tool allows you to create custom email addresses, access public inboxes easily, and receive up to 500k HTML or plain text emails.

Unlike most other free temp email services, Mail Drop comes with a built-in spam filter and does not allow any email messages having to do with any illegal activities. A Mail Drop inbox can hold at most 10 messages and any inbox which does not receive a message within 24 hours will be automatically cleared

Key Features

  • Custom Email Addresses: Create a temporary email address with a custom username.
  • Public Inboxes: Access any temporary inbox by entering the email address.
  • Spam Protection: Built-in spam filtering to protect against unwanted emails.
  • No Registration: Use the service without providing any personal information.

Mail Drop Pricing

Mail Drop is a free service with no premium plans.

3. Temp Mail

Use Temp Mail to Create Free Temporary Emails

Temp Mail is a leading disposable email provider designed to offer users a secure, private, and convenient way to manage their online communications without the risk of exposing their personal information. The tool places a strong emphasis on privacy and security, utilizing advanced encryption and SSL/TLS protection to safeguard users' data. Additionally, Temp Mail does not require any personal information to create an account, further enhancing user privacy.

Key Features

  • Instant Disposable Email Address: Generate a unique, temporary email address with just a single click.
  • Auto-Generated Inbox: Receive and store emails for a limited time without managing multiple accounts.
  • Email Forwarding: Forward emails to another email address while maintaining privacy.
  • Custom Email Addresses (Premium): Create custom email addresses for more control over your online identity.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Plan: Access basic features like generating disposable email addresses and receiving emails at no cost.
  • Premium Plan ($10/mo): Enjoy additional features like custom email addresses, email forwarding, priority support, and an ad-free experience with a monthly subscription fee.

4. Mailinator

Use Mailinator to Create Free Temporary Emails

Mailinator is a versatile disposable email provider that generates public email addresses and inboxes without registration. With multiple domain options and API access for premium users, Mailinator caters to a wide range of use cases, from temporary communications to automated testing.

Key Features

  • Public Email Addresses: Instantly generate a public email address without registration.
  • Private Inboxes: Access temporary inboxes by entering the email address.
  • Multiple Domains: Choose from multiple domains for your disposable email address.
  • API Access (Premium): Integrate with Mailinator using their API for automated testing and more.

Mailinator Pricing

  • Free Public Plan: Access public email addresses and inboxes with limited features.
  • Free Verified Pro Plan: Private email addresses with one private domain and 10 GB permanent storage.
  • Paid Plans ($79 – $495/mo): Various premium plans with additional features like API access, private inboxes, SMS testing, multiple team seats, routing rules, customer support, and custom domains.

5. Guerrilla Mail

Use Guerrilla Mail to Create Free Temporary Emails

Guerrilla Mail is a popular open-source disposable email service that generates temporary email addresses that support attachments. The tool uses SSL/TLS encryption to secure your data and doesn't require any personal information to use the service.

Key Features

  • Random Email Address: Instantly generate a random email address or choose a custom one.
  • Self-Destructing Emails: Automatically deletes emails after an hour, protecting your privacy.
  • Attachments Support: Send and receive attachments up to 150MB.
  • No Registration: Use the service without providing any personal information.
  • Multi-language support: Guerrilla Mail is available in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and more.

Guerrilla Mail Pricing Plans

Guerrilla Mail is a free service with no premium plans.

6. 10 Minute Mail

Use 10 Minute Mail to Create Free Temporary Emails

Created by Devon Hillard, 10 Minute Mail provides users with disposable email addresses that last for 10 minutes. The tool offers a convenient way to sign up for services or receive communications without compromising their privacy.

Note – your 10-minute email lifetime can be extended by clicking the “Get 10 more minutes” button below the timer.

Key Features

  • 10-Minute Email Address Literary: Create a temporary email address that expires after 10 minutes.
  • No Registration: Start using the service without providing any personal information.
  • Instant Inbox: Access your temporary inbox without needing to log in.

10 Minute Mail Pricing

10 Minute Mail is a free service with no premium plans – though you can support the creator by sending PayPal or Bitcoin donations.

7. Email on Deck

Use Email on Deck to Create Free Temporary Emails

Email on Deck is a disposable email provider that emphasizes privacy and ease of use with a simple two-step email generation process, fast email deletion, and email recovery features. The service does not require registration or personal information, ensuring users maintain their online anonymity.

Key Features

  • Two-Step Email Generation: Generate a temporary email address with a simple two-step process.
  • Email Recovery: Retrieve your lost email address with a recovery token.
  • Fast Email Deletion: Automatically deletes emails after a short period of time.

Email on Deck Pricing

  • Free Plan: Access basic features like generating disposable email addresses and receiving private emails at no cost.
  • Pro Plan (0.002367 BTC per 30 days): Make hundreds of temporary email addresses on exclusive domains and an ad-free experience with a monthly subscription fee.

8. Throw Away Mail

Use Throw Away Mail to Create Free Temporary Emails

Throw Away Mail is a user-friendly disposable email service that generates temporary email addresses lasting for 48 hours. With auto-refresh, multiple language support, and no registration required – Throw Away Mail is a convenient choice for those looking to maintain their privacy online.

Key Features

  • Disposable Email Address: Generate a temporary email address that lasts for 48 hours.
  • Auto-Refresh: Automatically refreshes the inbox to display new emails.
  • Multiple Languages: Available in multiple languages for user convenience.
  • No Registration: Use the service without providing any personal information.

Throw Away Mail Pricing

Throw Away Mail is a free service with no premium plans.

What is Disposable Temporary Email?

A disposable email is a short-term email address that is created to protect your primary email address from spam and potential privacy breaches. Also commonly known as throwaway or temporary email, these email addresses are generated on-demand and typically expire after a certain period, ranging from minutes to days.

You can use disposable email addresses to sign up for online services, receive communications, or interact with others without revealing your true email address and personal information.

Benefits of Temporary Emails

A disposable email is like an umbrella in the downpour of digital exposure – it's an essential tool for anyone who is concerned about his/her online privacy and security and wishes to maintain control over their digital footprint.

Here's why you need a temporary email address:

  • Protect Personal Information: A temporary email address allows you to keep your primary email address and personal information confidential – hence reducing the risk of identity theft, phishing attacks, and other online threats.
  • Reduce Spam: By using a disposable email address for sign-ups, promotions, or subscriptions, you can prevent your primary inbox from being flooded with spam and unwanted marketing messages.
  • Maintain Online Privacy: Temporary email addresses allow you to participate in online forums, social media platforms, or other services without revealing your true identity.
  • Test Services: You can utilize temporary email addresses to sign up for and test various online services without committing your primary email.

How to Choose?

When choosing the right disposable email service, consider the following criteria to ensure the service meets your specific needs and preferences:

Privacy and Security: Assess the level of privacy and security provided by the service. Look for features such as SSL/TLS encryption, data handling policies, and whether the service requires personal information for registration.

Email Lifespan: Consider the duration for which the disposable email addresses are active. Some services offer short-term email addresses (minutes), while others provide longer-lasting addresses (hours or days).

Customizability: Some temporary email services allow you to create custom email addresses or choose from multiple domain names. If personalizing your temporary email addresses is important, select a service that offers this feature.

Email Management Features: Evaluate key email features including email forwarding, attachments support, and inbox auto-refresh.

User Interface and Ease of Use: Opt for a service with a clean, intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate and use.

Pricing: Many disposable email service providers offer free plans with basic features, while others provide premium plans with additional functionality. For most users, I would recommend sticking with the free plan.

Wrapping Up

In a world where privacy and security are treasured, disposable email services emerge as clever guardians – keeping our personal details safe from unwanted eyes. As we explore the internet, let's use these helpful tools to enjoy a secure and private online experience.

FAQs on Disposable Email Services

What is a disposable email, and why would someone use it?

A disposable email, also known as a temporary or throwaway email, is an email address created for short-term use, often with an automatically expiring inbox. People use disposable emails to protect their primary email addresses from spam, phishing attempts, or unwanted marketing communications, as well as to maintain privacy when signing up for online services, forums, or newsletters.

How do disposable email services work?

Disposable email services work by providing users with a temporary email address and inbox, often without requiring registration. When a user receives an email to the disposable address, it is either forwarded to their real inbox or stored in the temporary inbox. The disposable email address and inbox typically expire after a set period – such as a few hours or days, and all associated messages are deleted.

Can websites block disposable email addresses?

Yes, websites can block disposable email addresses by detecting and restricting the use of known temporary email domains. Some websites implement this measure to prevent abuse, encourage users to provide valid email addresses, or protect their user base from potential spam or security risks associated with disposable emails.

Are disposable email addresses secure?

While disposable email addresses can offer a level of privacy and help reduce spam, they may not always be safe to use. Since many disposable email services don't require registration, anyone who knows the temporary email address could potentially access the inbox and view its contents. To ensure security, it's essential to use a reputable disposable email service and avoid using temporary email addresses for sensitive communications.

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