July Roundup: Blogging through Summer

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  • Updated: Aug 01, 2014

Keeping up with all the things necessary to run a successful website can be a challenge, but even more so during the summer months. There are many competing activities not only clamoring for your time as the website owner, but also competing for the time of your workers and site visitors. On top of all those challenges, many people are shopping for back to school. The best thing to do to get through the summer slow down is to focus on making your site the absolute best it can be. Fortunately, WHSR has some inside advice to take your site to that next level.

Exclusive Interview

Rocket Theme Homepage
Rocket Theme Homepage

Ryan Pierson of RocketTheme agreed to an exclusive interview with WHSR. Freshening up your site's theme is one of the best ways to entice your readers to stick around. Streamline the design, make sure you put the most important information front and center and create a more professional appearance. One of the best things about RocketTheme's template memberships is that there is a package for both small and larger businesses. They even offer an affiliate program if you're trying to find additional ways to earn revenue for your site.

Social Media Conundrum

Social media promotions are the bane of many website owners. How much social media marketing (SMM) is enough and how much is too much. Are people tired of seeing ads on social media sites? What ads are most effective? Figuring out the labyrinth of options for SMM is a difficult process even for expert social media markets. Fortunately, Lori Soard takes a look at Why People Hate Social Media Promotions and How You Can Promote Successfully.

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Finding the Perfect Host

Summer is a good time to clean house. Have you been holding on with a hosting company that you're really not happy with because you dread moving to a new one? One of the things we do for you here at WHSR is to check out various web hosts and offer a non-biased view of the best and worst features of each. This allows you to make an informed decision without having to do the legwork of sifting through thousands of different review sites simply to find out about a new hosting company. In July, we took a look at Rose Hosting. WHSR even wrangled an exclusive coupon for our readers should you decide this is the right hosting company for you.

While you're making the decision, check out Jerry Low's hosting guide titled Don't Buy Hosting Before Debunking These 5 Hosting Myths. He shoots down some common misconceptions and offers solid advice to help you choose your next host.

Write Better/Write Faster

Whether you're writing the content for your sites, or you've advanced to hiring others to write it for you, there are some tools of of the trade to help you write better, faster and more on target content. Jerry Low shares 7 Online Tools that Help You Write Faster and Better.

Now that we are in full-blown summer in many parts of the world, take the time to figure out both your hosting  needs and your social media marketing needs. By honing in on different aspects of your website throughout the year, you'll keep things moving forward and your site will continue to grow and be more and more successful.


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