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Web Host Interview: DTS-NET CEO, Craig Gendrolas

WHSR was thrilled to interview Craig Gendrolas, CEO of DTS-NET, LLC, to learn more about his hosting company. While a look at a hosting company’s website and reading through reviews will give you information, there are always unanswered questions you wish you could ask. WHSR has done that for you.

About DTS-NET 


DTS-NET lists its goal as becoming the “best Internet service provider in the region.” With that goal in mind, they’ve done a couple of things that make them stand out, including using state-of the-art servers and a support infrastructure that allows them to look at customer problems and resolve them quickly. With that in mind, they offer 24/7 customer support and also have a price match guarantee.

The company now has over 100,000 domain names under management; operate 3 proprietary data centers in Dallas Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada and Connecticut.

Note: You can also ready our recent review on DTS-NET Hosting for more info.

Q&A with DTS-NET CEO, Craig Gendrolas

Introduction: About DTS-NET, the company

Craig, thank you for chatting with me about DTS Net. You've been around since 1997. Why did you decide to offer a web hosting service?

craig dts

I started DTS-NET in 1997. The Internet was just starting to get very popular in 1997 and I wanted provide premium support, hosting, and business solutions for start-ups to large enterprises at a great value for the customer.

I have lots of fun doing this. I actively work with customers daily and love my work which is all I can ask for they are like family to me. Without customers, there will be no DTS-NET!

Your site says you are located in Southington, CT. When people call your 24/7 customer support line, are they going to speak with someone located in the United States?


Note: Although Craig’s answer was pretty short here, if you are a US-based customer, the ability to speak to a customer support rep within the same country can’t be overstated.

Unfortunately, while those customer service IT specialists based in India may be just as savvy as US IT people, the heavy accents and lack of understanding about US culture can often create a barrier that makes it difficult to get problems resolved quickly.

Tell us a little about what your staff brings to the table. What experience do you have collectively and individually that makes DTS stand out from the crowd?

DTS-NET staff and principal partners behind DTS-NET have a combined 40+ years experience in engineering, telecommunications, technology, and hosting, giving DTS-NET both the knowledge and practical experience necessary to guide DTS-NET to a market-leading position in the services arena.

What is the size of your business?

[We have] over 100,000 domain names under management, operate 3 proprietary data centers in Dallas Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada and Connecticut.


If I were looking at several companies that are comparable in price and packages, what are some reasons I should choose DTS-NET over them?

DTS-NET, LLC dba DTS-NET has been in the web hosting business since 1997. The company provides high standard and premium support hosting solutions for start-ups to large enterprises. our main target audience are people that look for inexpensive hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. DTS-NET offers money back within 60 days and is a ‘green host’.

What qualifies DTS-NET as a secure web hosting business for you as a customer is:

  • Experienced leadership by industry veterans
  • Solid company foundation and long term investment support
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions and Business Continuance Center for personnel
  • 100% uptime SLA
  • Consulting & managed services
  • 30 minute or less support response
  • Full hardware replacement
  • NO bandwidth metering, NO overage charges, and NO monthly transfer limits

DTS-NET is a name that is trusted by thousands of domain owners from 210 different countries worldwide. We provide high quality web hosting services which are exceptionally cost-effective.

dts hosting packages

What are your views on overselling?

We do not over sell and we won't bottle neck your services.

Future development & Customer complaints

What's next for your company? Any plans to add services or take things to a new level?

We [are] always adding new partners and staff to bring and build value for our customers. DTS-NET is always growing our infrastructure latest hardware and software.

You offer the ability to do everything in one place to start a website from scratch. If a customer takes out a domain through your site, but later wants to move the site?

Our customer is the official holder of domain name. DTS-NET never has customers jumping through hoops and when needed will walk the customer through the process of moving their domain name to or from DTS-NET. This is why DTS-NET is BBB Accredited Business with the highest rating A+.

Note: There was an online review stating that the person had trouble getting back their domain name, so I specifically asked this question to see what Gendrolas’ position was on this matter.

A lot of hosting companies are offering one-click WordPress hosting these days. Let's say you have someone who wants to set up a site and has no clue how to work the backend of a control panel or install files, etc. What options do you have for the business person who just wants a basic WP site without the work of getting it set up?

Our support team will walk them though Applications in the control panel and how to install the applications on the website with just a few clicks. Also DTS-NET does offer Free Consulting/R&D Consultation which our team will help the with the best solutions for their business.

I'm not completely clear on Colocation. Can you explain that to me and how it works with your VPS hosting plans?

Colocation providers furnish the floor space, electrical power and high-speed links to the Internet for a customer's Web servers. Great for custom hardware like Gaming servers and Disaster Recovery Solutions. All the customer does is ship their hardware and we manage it.

VPS plans and Dedicated Server Plans [are] hosted on our hardware which is already at our data centers, so nothing needs to be ship from the customer.

Thank you very much for your time in answering our questions.

Note to readers

We did a review on DTS-NET  in the same time (read it here). Bottom line, we think DTS-NET is a company you can start with and grow with. It is a good choice for newbies because of the support and ease of use.

However, it is also a good hosting company for those with larger sites or sites that are growing, because of the ability to move easily from web hosting to dedicated servers.  DTS-NET is worth a try. If you do decide to sign up, go ahead and commit to a year to get the most benefit from the discounts.

[icon link] Click here to learn more and order DTS-NET hosting 

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