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  • Updated: Aug 23, 2013

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Monitor Scout is an interesting Sweeden-based company that offers various IT monitoring services. I am honored to have the opportunity to get in touch with the company co-founder and CEO, Johan, and made this interview.

Good day Johan, thanks a lot for being with us today. Let’s start with some introduction, can you tell us more about yourself and your role in the company Monitor Scout?

Hi Jerry, thanks for giving me an opportunity to be interviewed. I am Johan, a co-founder and CEO of Monitor Scout ( Previously I have been involved in several hosting companies, national ones in Sweden and also Pan-European companies. Today I live in Sweden where also Monitor Scout headquarters is located.

Monitor Scout is a cloud based monitoring service for businesses with IT infrastructure. We have hit the global IT market with our unique monitoring service to facilitate the online success of corporations and institutes by ensuring high-level performance of websites, servers and applications.

We are all set to make a difference in the web monitoring industry by redefining the rules of the game. Creating a smooth, flexible, technically stable and functionally precise IT environment for companies and institutes in different niches across the industry is our principal objective.

What exactly does Monitor Scout do?

To say precisely, Monitor Scout is a web server monitoring application with multidimensional functionality.

Monitor Scout monitors the entire IT setup – server, website, applications, and hardware, identifies the issues affecting the setup or any of its components, and alerts the user immediately through various mediums. It monitors any IT infrastructure or online business setup – major or minor – both internally and externally. It runs a consistent check on server health, website functionality, and application performance. The registered users can check the analysis reports on their websites and servers by accessing their Monitor Scout accounts. Backed with technical support, Monitor Scout is fast, secure and reliable.

Who are your targeted customers at this point of writing?

Everyone having a website is our targeted customer. However, we have developed Monitor Scout as a complete package of features and functions, with the needs of critical business owners in view from the perspectives – uptime, functioning, accessibility, and reliability. So our targeted customers range from small blogs to medium-scale companies to IT conglomerates around the world.

The cost of using Monitor Scout now is zero – as you guys are still in Beta. Can we know, roughly, what will be the price like after the full release?

Monitor Scout has had a very successful launch in free beta version for users from the world around. We are going to launch a really attractive price model that is affordable compared to our competitors. The premium package of Monitor Scout services will not cost more 20 USD a month. We will also launch a free monitoring package for a specific number of users. All beta version testers registered with us will get an attractive offering when we go live.

There are a handful of website monitoring services around the Internet – Pingdom, Wormly, UptimeRobot, etc etc. How do we choose the right monitoring tool?

Monitor Scout Website

Which monitoring tool to choose, depends basically on the users’ requirements. Several such web monitoring services as you have mentioned are available on marketplace. The users should take time and make a comparative study on the offerings of the monitoring service providers. Many users wrongly believe that expensive services are high in quality. For their kind information, some expensive alternatives come with basic monitoring that is of no great help.

As per my experience in the industry, monitoring a server or a webpage is not enough to ensure a bullet-proof situation for your business. Several other aspects need to be monitored. To say for example, your e-commerce store is being affected due to downtime or some other issue; you are losing customers and making a loss. The most feasible solution is monitoring the web pages, the login page, database, hosting server, hardware components, and the vital applications. Choose the monitoring tool that packs in all these opportunities.

When the user finds it difficult to choose between 2 or 3 monitoring companies, the user should contact the customer support of those companies to check if free trial version of their services is available. . All major monitoring companies should be able to offer this to customers that are in te evaluation process.

And, what makes Monitor Scout stand out from the competition?

Monitor Scout is unique in the way it caters to the needs of the online industry, and that is what helps us beat the competition.

Monitor Scout is user-friendly not only in use but also in cost. Our monitoring service is a comprehensive one with superior features. We provide users with more than basic monitoring. Monitor Scout is not all about checking if the server or website is functioning. It monitors servers, websites, critical applications, and the processes associated with them. I would proudly say, Monitor Scout is a revolutionary tool performing as many as 50 various checks from 23 locations across the globe. It has 5 different alert systems to notify the users immediately whenever something goes wrong the server, website or applications. Evidently, we are steps ahead of other monitoring service providers.

Well that would be all for this interview, I hope you enjoy your time taking these questions. Is there anything you wish to add before we end this?

I am glad to have been interviewed by you. It is a nice opportunity to share about Monitor Scout with you and your readers. I welcome all your readers to contact us, if they have any questions. Again, it has been nice to talk with you. Thanks a lot.

Contact Monitor Scout via Twitter @MonitorScout and Linkedin.

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