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  • Jan 27, 2012

Basic Introduction
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Ever heard of HostHero? No? Well, in case you are looking for some affordable cloud-based hosting, it’s time to get to know them. Here’s a Q&A session I did with the company founder cum VP recently – it’s a great interview (thanks again Rahim!) and it’s a must read for shoppers who are looking for similar service.

Hello Rahim, thanks for being with us today. Let’s start with some introduction. What can you tell us about yourself and your company HostHero.

Hi Jerry, thanks for setting this up. My name is Rahim K, and I am a co-founder and the VP of Business Development for HostHero, thus responsible for our vast affiliate network, partner relations, and any marketing initiatives we pursue.

HostHero is a privately owned web hosting provider located in Toronto, Canada. From the beginning, our goal has always been to provide a fast, secure, reliable web hosting solution, with affordable rates. We take pride in offering 24/7 in-house support – no outsourcing – and have heard time and time again that this is a feature that sets us apart. Essentially, we’re confident that we can deliver the best all-round hosting solution, with a backbone built on cloud infrastructure that intersects with elements of IaaS (infrastructure as a service) at a fraction of what our competitors can offer. It’s true cloud hosting, at shared hosting rates.

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Hmmm, cloud hosting at shared hosting rates, that sounds interesting. So, who should be using HostHero? Please briefly describe HostHero’s targeted audiences.

Anyone really – that’s the beauty of cPanel.

Whether you are starting your SMB, building a social networking site, or looking to host your own blog/photo/video sharing site, we have a solution that works for you. We have free site-builders with one-click installers (literally), thousands of templates, and a support system that will take you as far as you want to go. At the same time, more experienced users have the added functionality cPanel brings to the table, at their full disposal.

According to the company website, HostHero Hosting is based on clustered cloud computing. How this is done? Can you tell us more about the technology behind HostHero’s operations?

Sure! As I was saying earlier, our servers are built for performance, speed, reliability and efficiency. We have 5 data centers across North America, one in Dallas, one in Seattle, one in Washington D.C, and two in Toronto, Canada (one downtown, and one uptown). Through all of these facilities, we are able to deliver to our clients access to dual-hex core servers that are configured optimally for shared computing. Through closely monitored load-balancing initiatives, and the magic of CloudLinux technology, we have devised a hosting “ecosystem” that gives our users rock solid stability at very low costs.

We looked at the recent surge of cloud computing and how it blended into web hosting, and concluded that there was still a leap or bound to be made; and that’s what we’ve done! Taken existing technologies that are present in shared-resource computing (in this case storage and hosting), and exploited them to the advantage of our clients… for an exceptionally low cost.

Cool. Can you further elaborate on the advantages of cluster computing/cloud hosting – from a user’s view-point?

For starters, HostHero users are now able to obtain what’s considered to be the latest and greatest storage and server solutions, at very cost-effective rates. Cluster computing has rapidly grown into a commercially viable alternative for all companies, not just the ones willing to spend the big dollars. As we grow, we expect to continually educate the marketplace on exactly how feasible cloud hosting can be.

Scalability is probably the next most important benefit to clients; websites can expand at exponential rates and the resources will always remain available. Hard drives or processors for example can be added or swapped seamlessly, never affecting the existing work flow. Further to that point, clients can be sure that there is practically 100% efficiency with resource consumption – all free resources such as RAM, bandwidth, and HD space to name a few, are available when needed. On top of that, the Cloud is designed to compensate should one server experience any set backs, delivering to clients a much greater redundancy than they would ordinarily receive at such a low cost. Prior to Cloud Hosting, hosting clients would need to spend on probably a few dedicated servers to achieve this sort of redundancy.

The list of benefits is long, but I’m sure you get the idea. It’s inexpensive, extremely reliable, extremely scalable, and above all it gives ANY of our clients access to the fastest and most secure hardware available with complete peace of mind.

You mention cloud hosting is for anyone – does your ‘anyone’ include heavy CMS users? For example if I am a Drupal user, would it be very complicated to install (and manage) my Drupal websites on HostHero??

Absolutely Jerry, in fact a large bulk of our clients are CMS and blog users. We encouage them through our one-click installers for hundreds of templates including Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, PHPFox, to name a few. HostHero makes installation and management remarkably easy through tools such as the previously mentioned cPanel, and an array of other features. We also offer free site-migration and transfer, and coupled with our outstanding level of service this makes setup and management practically seamless for users.

Isolating Drupal for a moment, I can confidently say our end-to-end hosting solution is designed to host Drupal users optimally. Our servers are configured to exceed the minimum Drupal requirements, and we always maintain the latest features and security as per Drupal standards.

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Till date, there are still some unsolved security issues with cloud/cluster computing. Should your customers be concerned with this?

HostHero has been designed not only for flexibility and scalability, but also for security and performance…the best of both worlds. Unlike a standard shared server, where everything is kept on one server, our cloud maintains each component – HTTP (website), MySQL (database), IMAP/SMTP (email) – on its own hardware. If you also consider the fact that we employ Cisco DDos protection hardware firewalls and custom CSF software firewalls, you’ll realize how important security is to us.

Oh, and did I mention that all of our clients data is secured and protected by RAID10 technology? If ever a drive failure occurs, we simply swap in a drive in real-time and no interruption is experienced by our clients – which further backs up my earlier point that our cloud offers FULL redundancy.

"I wish to try out HostHero but I am too lazy/ too dumb/ too busy/ I am no good in tech/ etc etc". What would you tell these potential clients? Does HostHero provide any help when it comes to website migration?

Great question Jerry! We try and go above and beyond here at HostHero, and that includes helping prospective clients join our cloud. As I’ve previously mentioned, we offer free site migration and transfer with real-time support. That’s how we go beyond the norm, by literally doing the work for you! Whether you are an SMB or a blog/CMS user, HostHero has a solution built for you. Regardless of your technical saavy, whether you’re an expert or a novice web admin, through cPanel’s control planel your website can be managed with the utmost ease. It’s no secret what cPanel brings to the table: a highly automated, simple yet reliable tool that works to its full potential on our servers. Whether you want to deploy fully functional video streaming using our built in FFmpeg modules, or explore some of the site-builders with HUNDREDS of templates, having cPanel at your finger tips gives our users simple point-and-click usability.

It takes only minutes now, literally, without and HTML or coding background to get a website up and running with HostHero.

Web hosting is a competitive (but far from being saturated I believe) industry and I know a few cloud hosting providers who offer similar services as HostHero have gone out of business. What are your immediate plans for HostHero to win the market? Where do you see HostHero in the next 2 years?

For the time being, we’re going to be focusing on maintaining the bolstering growth rate we’ve been witnessing. That means more promotions and more incentives for our clients and prospective clients – a happy client is a loyal client.

As we look a little further down the road, HostHero is poising itself to DOMINATE the hosting market as one of the first and only cost-efficient cloud shared hosting solutions availabe. Our goal has always been to educate our clients and prospective clients on how attainable cloud hosting can be, and with more giants (like Amazon and Cisco) emerging with cloud hosting solutions, we anticipate an opportunity for clients to take advantage of our low-cost shared cloud hosting plans. We are the first company that can offer cloud webhosting at shared hosting prices; where can you get cloud hosting at only 3.95 per month?

We wan to capture those customers who think they need to get shared hosting, and educate people on how attainable cloud hosting can be. Look at our Cloud VPS plan for example; nowhere can you find such a powerful hosting plan, with all the shared-computing benefits you expect in a cloud environment, for such affordable rates. Its a true one-of-a-kind solution.

That’s all for my questions, thanks again for being with us today. Before we end, is there anything you would like to add?

The pleasure was all mine Jerry, and thank you very much for taking the time for HostHero today. As a thank you, I would love to offer all of your users a special 25% discount off of ALL HostHero hosting plans. Just use the promo code “WHSR” at here.


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