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  • Updated: Aug 03, 2011

Based in Brunswick Ohio, BrainHost ( is a mid-size web hosting company running on (slightly) less than hundred employees. Its current shared hosting plan is priced at a very affordable level – $4.95/mo for 48 months plan (and, $6.95/mo for 24 months plan) where customers will get free site migration, unlimited disk storage, bandwidth, addon domain, as well e-mail accounts.

For those who are trying to learn more about BrainHost, well…  you have come to the right place. We’ve got Ryan Niddle, Brain Host’s Director of Business Development, onboard and he will be answering some questions about his company in this interview.

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Q&A with Ryan Niddel of BrainHost

Hi Ryan, I am glad to have you here with us at WHSR today. Without wasting more time, let’s start with some introduction. Please tell us more about yourself and your role at Brain Host.

My name is Ryan Niddel, and I’m Brain Host’s Director of Business Development.  In that capacity, I’m responsible for developing relationships with new clients and partners, while maintaining and ensuring our current clients and partners needs have been met and exceeded.

Please tell us more about your company – Brain Host. How Brain Host got started; what is the size of your company at this time; and, what kind hosting service can we get from your company?

Brain Host is a little more than a year old now, and we have about 70 employees.  We were started by two business men that saw a distinct need in the market for a customer service oriented hosting provider.  We’ve grown incredibly quickly, and just surpassed 61,000 customers.  Right now we offer shared and dedicated hosting, and we have plans to move into VPS hosting down the road.

Let’s talk about hardware. What can we know about the servers as well as the networking system working behind Brain Host? 

We only use the highest quality server equipment, featuring Intel Xeon processors.  All of our customer information is stored on an enterprise-grade SAS RAID disk configured for maximum speed and reliability.  We keep cold spares to ensure quick recovery in the event of hardware failure, and our data center is SAS 70 Type II certified and staffed 24/7.  All our servers are connected with full gigabit uplinks to the Internet with multiple redundant paths.

From your website, I see that BrainHost promises 99.9% server uptime. Can you tell us what have been done in BrainHost in order to achieve this goal?

We guarantee 99.9% uptime, and we monitor our servers 24/7 to ensure the best quality of service.  Our load balancing technology also ensures that customers’ sites are available from multiple servers.  This helps to eliminate downtime, because if one server goes down for some reason our customers’ websites are still live on other servers.

Your experience in hosting industry is like gold for some of my readers. Can you provide some shopping guidance? In your opinion, what are the important factors to look for when searching for a shared web host?

I think the two most important things to consider when shopping for a web host are what kind of uptime they promise and what kind of customer support they provide.  Beyond that, I would also look for a web host that won’t limit your web space or data transfer, and that will let you host unlimited domains on your account.  You don’t want to start expanding your website or your business only to find out you’re limited by your web host.  I also feel it is important for a hosting provider to give you feedback and help once you sign up for a package. 

Customers need help designing sites and making them more efficient.  We do all of that and more.

For the past few years, there were lots of hypes on hosting powered by green energy. Is "going green" in any part of Brain Host future plan?

At Brain Host our policies are already in line with EPA suggestions for improving energy usage in hosting companies.  We only use power-efficient hardware, and all of our servers are low-voltage and power efficient, in addition to being free from lead, mercury, and halogen (which helps to reduce water contamination and harmful emissions). 

Our data center is engineered to require less cooling, and since we use less energy it helps us to prevent power overloads and service interruption. 

For newbies, what kind of support they should expect from Brain Host Customer Support? Please tell us more about the Customer Support Department at Brain Host.

Customer Support is our top priority here.  We provide 24/7 in-house support via phone, email, and live chat.  Every new customer receives a welcome call from a live person the same day they purchase.  During the welcome call we’ll walk the customer through their billing questions, our services, our schedule of free training webinars, etc.  We also provide our customers with access to our free online training materials, including tutorial videos, instructional guides, and our extensive Knowledge Base of articles and frequently asked questions.

Shared web hosting plans are like dedicated hosting plans back in the year 1998. In fact, there are more and more companies offering unlimited hosting services. This includes Brain Host. What is your comment about hosting overselling; and, should your customers be concerned with overselling?

Our customers don’t have to worry about overselling.  We actively monitor our servers to ensure that our customers get the best service, and we’re constantly expanding our Customer Support department to keep up with our growing customer base.

Well that’s all for my questions, is there anything you would like to add?

No, thanks. For more information, please visit BrainHost online.

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