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  • Updated: Apr 07, 2009

I recently listed WebHostingPad as one my top rated hosting companies and picked them as the Best Budget Hosting.

I hope this interview is helpful for you guys who wish to know more about the hosting company. So here’s the Q&A session with Ben from WebHostingPad.

1. WebHostingPad was formed in year 2005, can you introduce more about the company?

When the company first started in California, our goal was to be the top hosting provider in the budget hosting market. Our management team has over 25 years of hosting experience which has contributed to our overwhelming success in the short time we have been in business.

2. WebHostingPad hosting service is extremely cheap, how do you guys make it?

It is precisely because of our budget conscience pricing that we do extremely well. Our Unlimited Hosting package is very popular so we get customers who really know a deal when they see one. Then thanks to our award winning support teams, we are able to keep our customers.

3. Web hosting is a crowded business full of competition, are the advantages with WebHostingPad besides low price? Why should customers go to you instead of others?

Hands down it has to be because of our award winning support team that is available 24/7. Our customers are able to reach us at anytime and get the help they need.

4. WebHostingPad offers 24/7 phone support, can you let us know more about your customer support department?

Our support teams have all been trained to be very personal and courteous. We try to get to the root of the problem or situation to help solve the issue and make sure it doesn’t happen again instead of just doing a temporary “bandage” fix. We try to help our customers understand what the issue was so that they will be able to avoid it or handle it in the future.

5. Is there any future planning in expanding your business to dedicated or VPS hosting?

Yes, we are currently working on offering a VPS solution. It is still in the works and we hope to have it available sometime this year.

6. Let’s talk about the machine blocks behind our websites at WebHostingPad – please tell us more about the data center in Torrance.

Actually our datacenters are no longer in Torrance but have been moved to Chicago as we have moved our base of operations to the Midwest. But it is an exciting time for us because with our brand new datacenter we have the best technology available for our clients.

7. The company offers professional website designs besides web hosting; can you tell us more about the service?

We have a lot of customers that just don’t need hosting but they need a whole website built as well. We provide one on one design service from simple hobby sites to ecommerce stores.

8. WebHostingPad offers unlimited hosting, how do you assure that this will not affect existing customer’s website negatively? What kind of necessary preparation had WebHostingPad done?

The unlimited hosting package gives our customers freedom to build their websites without worrying about outgrowing their hosting. We have highly trained administrators monitoring our servers to ensure proper and efficient use of every server. Each server is balanced to allow for the most maximum use of every resource.

9. Questions from a reader’s email, who wish to switch their hosting to WebHostingPad – what kind of supports are there for customers who are switching their web host?

We understand that moving from host to host can be a challenge. That’s why we offer deals on discounts on certain additional features, or even offer a website transfer service in certain situation. tries to make the transition as easy as possible.

10. Thank you for your time with us. Is there anything you wish to add for this interview?

Thank you for taking the time to promote us and we wish you much success. I know any customer new to will find us to be the last hosting provider they will ever need.

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