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  • Updated: Oct 21, 2015

We have seen plenty of big mergers and acquisitions in the hosting industry recently. iPage, Hostgator, BlueHost, HostMonster, JustHost, etc are now under the management of Endurance International Group; Media Temple was bought over by GoDaddy not long ago to strengthen their business position. There is very little space is left for the smaller, indie companies; and it will only get worse with billions of marketing dollars being poured into the market by those giant companies.

While there’s nothing wrong with being big and extremely popular; I thought you, my readers, would appreciate more diversities and variations on the plate. Hence, I will cover more on smaller, independent hosting companies in future via interview-posts and listings whenever it’s possible. The first to go is Hostoople –  a new, small web hosting company founded and operated by group of industry veterans.

Hostoople was involved in my recent Black Friday Promotion listing and I had great time working with the company founder Nathan O. We agreed to run a quick interview and the following is our Q&A session. If you wish to learn more about the company, be sure to visit them at http://www.hostoople.com.

Important Updates (October 2015)

The web host Hostoople no longer exists. Some other similar hosting services you might be interested (that I’ve reviewed and recommend) are:

  • InMotion Hosting – where this site (WHSR) is hosted, special discount available;
  • InterServer – good VPS hosting deal, special discount available;
  • iPage or eHost (both are EIG brands) – if you are looking for a budget option; and,
  • MDD Hosting – very reliable host according to my test.


hostoople homepage

Good day Nathan, thanks a lot for being with us today. What can we know more about your company, Hostoople?

Hostoople LLC is a Texas based company. We are located at the core exchange data center in Dallas Texas and have 7 employee’s right nowThe company is operated by previous web hosting executives (we came together to start our brand together) and own our own equipment, nothing we do is second class .

Hostoople is a rather new company in the market. Why should we pick you instead of the others?

Our background and persistence to make sure the customer is #1 . We know if we don’t deliver the best customer response time to any issues that arise, someone else will.

Hostoople Hosting Plans

hostoople shared hosting plans

Sounds good. Let’s do a couple of what-if scenarios and help us choose a hosting plan.

Scenario #1: I’m a newbie who wish to start a new blog, which hosting plan at Hostoople should I purchase?

I recommend the Economy Plan , it gives them plenty of room to start and a free domain. This package really gives them everything they need to get going for a long period of time.

Scenario #2: I run a mid-size e-commerce website and now looking for a new web host, which Hostoople hosting plan should I pick? 

I would do the Advanced Plan, This gives over 300GB space and Unlimited Bandwidth . We also give a free domain with this plan. We also give free merchant accounts with all plan’s.

Scenario #3: I’m starting off a forum in a popular niche. It’s new but I am very sure that the site will grow exponentially. Which Hostoople hosting plan should I go with? 

I would get the Epic plan due to unlimited everything  , free domain . If a forum gets to big and becomes a very busy site

I always recommend going to vps or dedicated. I have managed and worked with big forum owners in the past and the resources a big forum can use is a lot. To start out the Epic plan will do the job for a few years .

Nathan, please tell us more about your reseller hosting plans. What are the benefits of running a hosting business via your services?

We only build the biggest servers the market offers. We keep staffed 24/7/365. You can reach our support by chat, phone, ticket anytime you need us. Our reseller hosting plans offer a lot of features for a very low price. We have plans starting at a low 7.95 per month.

Hosting Advice and Looking forward

In your opinion, what makes a good VPS host? What are some of the key points to look into when we choosing a VPS hosting service?

Support, I keep going back to this. If you need to see why your vps is down, or a reboot , you need to be able to talk to someone this very second. It makes your life easier knowing someone is there ready to help you.

We are now in the last month of year 2013. What’s coming next for Hostoople in 2014?

We have big challenges ahead of us. Endurance group has smothered the market by buying up the % of companies that market. We are finding our niche and growing our relationships with affiliates. It takes people like you :) to give us a chance to have a voice and speak out about who we are and how we care about the customer relationship.

I wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to talk today and look forward to the years ahead. Thank you!

You are more than welcome! Thanks again for being with us today.

For more details, visit Hostoople online: http://www.hostoople.com

Give us your Hostoople Review

Now over to you! Are you an existing Hostoople customer? How do you find their services? Please share with us your experience at Hostoople.

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