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  • Updated: Sep 23, 2013

A little background on our guest: Brian Dean

Brian Dean

If you were into web marketing and SEO, I am sure you have now heard of Brian Dean of Backlinko. Brian Dean is the go-to guy when you need creative advice on link building. I first knew Brian when I was working on a few months back and we were talking about adding one of his awesome article into my blog. The deal didn’t work out as I was already planning on merging Web Revenue with WHSR. However I was hooked by Brian’s smooth writing and his brilliant link building job.

Ever wonder what kind of hosting advice would a SEO expert like Brian give? Well, we are going to find out in this interview. In today’s Blogger Interview, we are honored to have Brian as our guest to share his experience and tips in dealing with web hosting providers.

Let’s get started!

Hey Brian, thanks for being here today. I have been following your blog for some time and learned a lot from you. 

Thanks for having me, Jerry.

Q1: Shall we start with some introduction? Please tell us more about yourself and your blog Backlinko.

I’m a coffee-addicted digital marketing consultant that specializes in helping sites get more search engine traffic. Backlinko is my blog that provides SEO professionals actionable traffic development and link building strategies.

Q2: What can we know more about the server working behind

The server behind Backlinko is a Storm CentOS 6.4 64-bit with cPanel (fully-managed). It runs on Linux.

Q3: Are you happy with the hosting you are currently using? What makes you choose this host at the first place?

Yes. I chose Storm on Demand because I was dissapointed with the downtime and slow loading times of cheap web hosting providers like Bluehost and HostGator. As soon as I switched over, I noticed a 200%+ increase in site loading speed without touching a line of code on my site.

Q4: Can you tell us how much you are spending on hosting servers at this time of writing? Do you plan to upgrade your servers in next 6 months?

I spend a total of $175.00/month on my hosting for my 3 main sites (all on the same server set up). I don’t plan to upgrade anytime soon.

Q5: Do you have any other particular good (or bad experience) with other hosting companies? Please share.

The only bad experience I had was actually with HostGator (which is what gave me the impetus to switch Backlinko to Storm on Demand). I was pitching a site with a guest post. Because I couldn’t attach anything to their contact form, I decided to upload the file to my WordPress installation as a media file.

But right after I sent it, the entire server went down for almost 2-hours. Meanwhile the blogger was like: “Brian, I can’t access the file”. To make sure that didn’t happen again, I decided to upgrade.

Q6 (Bonus!): I am sure many of us here are impressed by your creativity in link building. What would be your advice for setting up a link building campaign from scratch for a new website with a limited budget?

I’d recommend that they work hard to find the content gap in their niche and then fill that gap with outstanding content. It takes some creativity to figure out how to make something truly special, but it’s mostly a lot of hard work.

Once that’s published, it’s a matter of doing outreach: emailing the influencers in your niche about your new, awesome piece of content.

That would be all for my questions, thanks again for your time! Is there anything you would like to add before we end this interview?

The only thing I’d add is that I recommend investing in your web hosting like you would with any other part of your business. It doesn’t make sense to run a site that makes $5,000+ per month on $4.99/month shared hosting.

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Brian blogs at and tweets from @Backlinko.

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