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  • Updated: Nov 07, 2013

Introduction: Mauro D’Andrea

mauro d'andrea

If you are interested in boosting up your blog traffics and revenue, Mauro D’Andrea is someone you need to know.

Founder of Blog Growth, Mauro is an Internet marketing expert that specialized in email and content marketing. His e-course is endorsed by a number of high profile Internet marketers. Ana Hoffman of said that she’s impressed “with his dedication to networking, learning, and giving without asking for anything in return”; Izmael Arkin of said: “I got to say Mauro, I love your work ethic man! The content you put in your posts is detailed, well written and it’s obvious you put a lot of time into it.”

You can find out more about Mauro on Twitter @MauroDAnd as well as Google Plus +Mauro D’Andrea.

Ever wonder what kind of web hosting advice we are going to get from an Internet marketing expert like Mauro? Well, let’s find out now.

Q1: Hello  Mauro, thanks a lot for being with us today. What can we know more about Mauro D’Andrea and

Hi Jerry, and thanks for having me here.

Here’s the short version of my story. When I discovered that I didn’t want a 9 to 5 job I started my first blog about one of my biggest passions ever: personal improvement. From that I studied internet marketing – and more important I took massive action – a lot.

After many experiences, I thought about sharing my internet marketing knowledge with the world, so I started Blog Growth.  While taking care of many other projects, I’ve growth that blog for almost a year now, and I’ve reached some pretty interesting results.

Q2: I see that Blog Growth is hosted at BlueHost. Are you satisfied with their hosting services? 

Yes, you are right, Jerry. I had a couple of issues with them, but let’s be honest: who hasn’t issues? I also have to say that they have always been there to help me with those problems.

Except for that, I can just say good things about them.  Especially about customer support.

Okay. What makes you pick BlueHost at the first place?

I heard so many good things about BlueHost from Pat Flyn. I had a little doubt between BlueHost and another popular hosting service, but in the end I decided to trust Pat’s advice.

Q3: Do you have any particular bad or good experience with other hosting companies? If yes, please share.

Yes, I had a bad experience with GoDaddy at the beginning of my online career. I bought from them because of their cheap price…just to know that I couldn’t make most of the things that I needed to without paying again.

My inexperience paid a big role in that story, but sure enough they played their part too.

Q4: From what you have seen, what separates the successful bloggers from the less successful ones?

There are a few really important things, but in the end it all comes down to one thing: consistence.

When you keep working on something, day after day, you’ll reap results. Sure you may be wrong sometimes…or even more than sometimes…but if you keep going you’ll find your way to success – of course you have to learn from your mistakes, you can’t make the same mistakes over and over again, hoping to see different results.

Consistence is the most important thing because you’ll face times in which you won’t see results, and you’ll have to keep working anyway towards your goals. Other times you’ll be bored, or tired or whatever, and you’ll need to work anyway.

Some times people arrive so close to their goals, but they give up just a millimeter before reaching them…that small amount of consistence would have been crucial.

Q5: What’s next in the pipe? Can we know more about your plans with and

That would have been a secret, but yes, I’m going to reveal something.

I’m testing something that I’ve always felt excited about…and that is producing AMAZING results. I can’t say it for sure yet, but it seems like it’s the fastest way to get profits online that I’ve ever seen. I’ll share my results on as soon as I have something definitive to say about it.

Other than this, I’m planning to release something that bloggers will find really helpful. I’m talking about a serious way to improve your online income.

I’m done. Do you have anything to add before we end this Q&A?

Yes, something very important: a big thank you for running this interview, Jerry.


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