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  • Updated: Oct 27, 2013

Introduction: Francisco Perez (aka DiTesco)
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This week, our interview guest, Francisco Perez (aka DiTesco) from iBlogZone, was kind to answer a few questions for us. If you can’t go to Portugal to meet Francisco, this is a good chance to gain some knowledge with him. In this interview, we are covering a few hosting-related issues as usual; plus, we are going to learn how Francisco obtained more than 30,000 social media followers in the past 5 years.

Let’s get started!

Q1: Hello Francisco, please tell us about your background and how you started

Hi Jerry, first thanks for having me here.

Well I started with some 5 years ago. Initially it was suppose to be more of a “personal” challenge. I just wanted to see if it was really possible to go anywhere online, even with free tools. I have to admit that I got surprised…

Q2: 23,088 Twitter followers, 3,868 Google+ circles, and 4,987 Facebook fans – the numbers speak clearly why you are one of AdAge Power 150 Member. What is your secret of success?

Hmm, no secret really. However the one thing I can tell is that I dedicated a lot of effort on my site and never quit. I had some moments where I was ready to abandon everything, but my perseverance and the awesome community that supported me made me move on.

A major contributing factor to where is right now is that I really focused on my topic and provided good tips and resources to help people build their own sites. In other words, provide good content. Don’t worry if someone else has written about it.

It’s your opinion and your own voice that makes it unique and original.

Q3: I believe that iBlogZone is hosted on BlueHost. How do you find their hosting service?


I started on “blogspot”, believe it or not. After a year, I decided to migrate to WordPress and immediately used BlueHost. That said, I am using them for nearly 4 -5 years.

Until the beginning of this year, I really had no complaints. However, this year they started to have some problems with their servers and most sites that I manage are having problems of “speed”. I know that being on a shared environment is tricky but they are a bit problematic when it comes to “CPU throttling”. I solved this issue by using CloudFlare, a free CDN service that I totally recommend using, especially if you are on a shared hosting package.

Q4: Do you have any particular bad or good experience with other hosting companies? Please share.

The other hosting companies I use are iPage, WestHost, RackSpace and the lesser known 247zilla. I have to admit that I have no issues with any of them. Well, the occasional hiccup on 247zilla yes, but they are worth it. Their servers are really fast.

Q5: If you could only recommend one web host to bloggers who are just starting out…

I really won’t prefer not to focus on a particular company because when starting out, the options are endless. If you are going to run a blog with a long term perspective in mind, I think that starting with a shared hosting is a good way to go and then if you feel the need for it, you can eventually upgrade. Cost wise, It is what I would recommend.

That’s all for my questions, thank you very much.


Besides blogging, Francisco also provides business consulting services, go check out. Follow Francisco on Twitter @ditesco and Google Plus +Francisco Perez.


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