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A little background on our guest today: Dino Dogan

dino dogan

Today we are honored to have Dino Dogan onboard as our interview guest.

Many of you probably know Mr. Dogan as the founder of Triberr ( and DIY Blogger (

What you might not know is that he is also a charming guy who writes songs, trains dogs, does lousy martial art (as described by himself), and replies emails with lighting speed.

John Bell of Start Your Novel* described him as “a potty-mouthed force of nature who‘s always provocative and ready to slaughter a sacred cow or seven”. Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks mentioned Dino in one of her posts* and labeled him as her favorite bloggers and said “DIY Blogger Net, is full of non-echo chamber advice and opinion, tips and tools, and videos on developing your digital footprint, creating content, and dominating your space.”

So are you ready to know more about Dino and learn from him? Without further ado, here goes our Q&A.

Q1: Hello Dino, shall we start with some intro? Please tell us more about Triberr and your role at Triberr?


Triberr is a small, self-funded startup. There are only 3 guys working on Triberr and I’m the only one that does it full time. In the last few months we’ve been running influence-marketing campaigns and that’s been my primary focus. We plan on making the marketplace free and open for anyone to use, so that any brand, person, or company can create an influencer campaign the same way folks create Google AdWords campaign, or Facebook ads campaign.

Cool. What is your workflow on a regular work day?

I don’t really have a workflow. On some days I’ll sit on a computer all day, other days I’m speaking at a conference and traveling across county. I like it that way.

Q2: Where are DIY Blogger and Triberr hosted at? Are you happy with the hosting services?

DIYBlogger.NET is hosted on HostGator, Triberr is hosted with Rackspace. We tested Amazon hosting services as well.

All are adequate but nothing to write home about.

Q3: What makes you choose Hostgator at the first place?

The only reason I’m still with HostGator is because I prepaid for 5 years. 

Q4: How has Triberr changed blogger’s world today?

Dino, I admire your work at Triberr greatly. About a year ago, you said “1% of superstar bloggers get 99% of attention“, “And attention equals traffic, book deals, sales, speaking engagement, money, opportunities, etc. Meanwhile, there are so many amazing small bloggers writing kick-ass content that no one ever sees.  Amazing bloggers writing awesome content need to be heard and Triberr is a way of stealing attention away from 1 percenters of the blogosphere and giving it to those who actually deserve it.” How has Triberr changed blogger’s world today?

Triberr has always done a great job of connecting bloggers to one another. In that sense, it has become a true social network for bloggers.

An interesting thing happens to a blogger when s/he joins Triberr. Bloggers stop looking up to the gods of the blogosphere, and they start looking to the left and to the right. That’s where they find their peers, and that’s where they find bloggers who will support them in kind. Mashable will never retweet your post, why would you tweet theirs?

But beyond that fundamental shift, we make things that bloggers do, like writing, reading, sharing, and commenting, super easy.

Ultimately, we’re trying to complete the last mile for the creative class. And that means distribution of content, and making a living through your creative work. 

Q5: What’s next in the pipe? Please tell us more about your future plans with Triberr.

Bloggers are the purposeful audience builders. They are intentional trust creators. Bloggers have the ears and eyes, and often the hearts, of a small but loyal audience.

Brands are willing to pay good money to have 50 or 100 of these bloggers act as brand ambassadors.

So our focus is in helping brand recruit, manage, and track the kind of blogger that can move the needle for the brand. And on the other hand, we’re creating a new revenue stream for bloggers that’s approaching an actual livable salary.

I’m very exciting about the future for the passionate blogger who creates meaningful content. They will be the new royalty and true online celebrities.

Cool. And that’s all for my questions. Thank you very much for your time!

Note: You can follow Dino on Twitter @DinoDogan.

*References: Statement quoted  from John Bell of Start Your Novel and Gini Dietrich of Spin Sucks.

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Bonus: A little more on Dino Dogan and Triberr.

Can’t get enough of Dino Dogan? Watch Dino speaks about Human Engine Optimization at TribeUpNYC in video below.


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