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7 Ways to Increase Sales Using Webinars

Webinars are becoming a popular way to increase your audience around the globe. They allow the marketers to have a chance to sell their products to a larger audience by giving them online presentations and guidance about their products.

Research has shown that in today's world of technology and social networking, webinars are a great way of improving sales for companies. Businesses and marketing companies are using webinars to get more engagement and appreciation from their customers. 

Why Webinars?

Livestorm is software that allows you to host webinars to engage with your audience.

These webinars require tools for their proper functioning and this is why companies are using the best webinar software to have smooth communication between them and the audience. These webinar tools are used for recording purposes as well and some of them include LivestormGotoWebinar, Easy Webinar, Click Meeting, LiveWebinar, and Tauria.

Using these webinars also provides you with a way to present your brand on a higher level. When people see your company as a figure of authority, they will purchase more from you and as a result, your sales will increase.

In this article, we will provide you 7 tips to increase your sales using these webinars. Now that most companies are using webinars to get ahead of the competition, you need to utilize these tips to stay on top of the market.

1. Offer Value Through Free Webinars

Free Webinar
Offering free webinars is a great way to engage with the audience. Your customers will love to know the details about the products and the insights that you are providing them. Once they have gained enough information about the product, they will love to get their hands on your products to see what is next. 

The first tip to increase your insights and generate more revenues is to have a real connection with your audience. When using webinars, make sure that you are telling real values about your products. This will influence the minds of the people and they will be eager to buy your product at the end of the webinar. It is seen many times that when companies keep a value-oriented approach about their products for free, their sales increase. 

Offering Value and Not Properties of The Product

Experts recommend making a plan before starting a webinar to provide your audience with the best knowledge you have. Only then you will be able to sell your product if you are going in the right pattern. Most of the marketers cling to any related technique to explain the properties of their product and, after that, they include the advancements of the products to increase sales. 

If you want to be efficient in providing the best insights about your business to your audience, you should keep the following points in mind. 

  1.  Focus on having a strong grip on your topic for delivering the right knowledge. 
  2. It is important to focus on providing your customers helpful details about the product rather than making it all about a sales pitch.
  3. You can also use the strategy of telling them about a problem and then helping them out by providing a solution by using your product. 
  4. It is important to know that your first step should always be in gaining the interest of the customers and making your audience wider rather than focusing on selling the product. 

2. Mention Your Product

The second most important tip is to mention the product you are selling at the start of the webinar. After you have started the presentation, it is time to mention the product you are selling and the prices as well. It is going to help you a lot in making the minds of the audience about buying it.

When Is The Right Time to Mention Product in Webinars?

The duration of the webinar is most likely to be 1 to 2 hours and if you tell the details about the product, in the beginning, you will gain the interest of the customers. Once you have done that, you will feel easy to carry the webinar by describing the process and techniques that will help the customers if they are buying the product. 

Many marketers use this strategy because they know that when listening to the attributes of the products and pricing, the audience will raise issues with the pricing. They take advantage of that and offer special prices and explain the benefits of buying their products. This is a smart move and it will help in keeping the audience interested in your product regardless of the pricing.

If you want to use this tip for your business, you can take help with these points as well:

  1. When mentioning the product, proceed with telling a higher price and the reasons for the additional value of the products as well. 
  2. Tell your audience about the product being available at reasonable rates to make them feel comfortable about buying it. 
  3. For people attending your webinar, announce a special price for the product along with the best properties. 
  4. Explain to them why you are offering them the best price so that the credibility of your product will increase. 

These tips will help you a lot in creating a solid pitch for your product and your audience will sit through the whole webinar to know all about the product. 

3. Tell a Story

The best way to keep your audience interested in attending the complete webinar session is by using storytelling. Webinars provide you a way to share the experiences you had with your audience. When the speaker narrates the incidents of success and failure, the audience feels related to it and they want to listen more. When your events are oriented to a story, they make more sales because they keep your customers interested in the product.

How Storytelling in Webinars Help Increase Sales?

Another advantage of using storytelling in your webinars is that it will help you in telling the benefits of your products to your customers and how they can take advantage of the benefits in the real world. Telling a story with a solid ground will help you in bringing a lot of opportunities and maintaining the attention of the audience. You can tell the audience more about your product and keep them educated regarding the solutions your product is providing by using storytelling. 

Marketers are using this method as a powerful tool for increasing sales and telling the customers how using their product will change their life effectively. 

It has been observed many times that when speakers are not focusing on the storytelling and are just telling the details of the products the webinar becomes dull and the audience gets bored. To keep the spirit of the webinar and life and make more people listen to your products it is the best way to utilize storytelling in your webinars. 

When people are listening to the stories about your product that are related to the stories and they feel that they are the main hero of the story. This identification of feeling themselves as the hero of the story will bring you more sales. 

4. Give Promotional Prices

Another important piece of advice to increase your sales by using webinars is by providing them with promotional offers. After knowing all the details about the products, your customers will automatically say what is the benefit they are getting from buying your product. You can give them the satisfaction of promotional prices to gain their trust. Many marketers use this strategy where they offer the people attending the webinars a special discount price.

Discounted Prices = More Sales?

Now, these special discounted prices are only limited to the people who are attending the webinar, so it increases the chances of purchases. You can tell these promotion prices at any point in the webinar. For example, if you are telling the benefits of the product, you can also mention that you are offering special prices for the people who are going to buy this product by the end of the webinar.

Many companies make the special discount within a limited time. Best helps in boosting their sales because people know that they only have a certain amount of time to buy a product at less rates. They will be attending the webinar and they will make up their minds to buy the product right away and this will help you in reaching more audience and improving your sales. 

5. Give Bonus Materials

When you are offering promotional offers, you can also give additional bonuses to keep the audience hooked. These bonuses can be in different shapes and they will be a major part of improving your selling strategies. The purpose of these bonus materials is to motivate the audience in buying your products right away.

How to Give Bonus Material During Webinars?

Experts advise you to keep describing these bonuses more than once during your presentation. There are many types of bonuses that you can provide your customers and some of the most commonly used ones are given below. 

  1. You can give your customer the bonus of having an individual coaching session with you and in this session, you will provide them with all the guidelines about using the product and how using it in daily life will benefit your customer. 
  2. Another bonus will be allowing your customers to have a group question-and-answer session. Your customers will be happy to have a question-and-answer session of their own to get their queries resolved and also to help to clear their doubts about your products. 
  3. The important bonus material that many companies are providing is access to their online exclusive platforms. This exclusive access will make your customers happy and you will be ready to empty their wallets to get the product. 
  4. You can also tell your audience in the webinar that by availing of your product, they will have free reporting and insight about the results as well. 

It is an important step to remember that when you are providing your customers with additional benefits, they will always be interested to buy your products. For companies and businesses who do not provide any additional bonus says their sales remain slow. To get positive feedback about your webinar, you have to use this strategy. 

6. Interact with Your Audience Live

Whenever you are hosting a webinar, you will have to face the questions of the audience as well. You must interact with your audience to gain their trust. Whenever customers get to know about a new product, they are curious and they want the speaker to get to their questions. 

Why Interaction is Crucial?

Incorporating an interactive session in your webinar will help the customers in asking more questions about your product and gaining confidence. Do not keep your customer hanging around with questions in their mind instead, provide them with reasonable and logical answers. After the detailed description of the product and the advantages and benefits you are providing with them, it is necessary to take questions from the audience. 

Many companies that are making more sales by conducting webinars mention at the start of the webinar that they will take questions in the last 30 minutes. You can also take a duration where you will be taking questions from the audience. An interactive webinar makes the whole session more likely, and the audience feels more connected to your company and this results in the improvement of your sales. 

7. Follow Up with Email Marketing

email followup after webinar
An example of follow up email you can do after hosting a webinar.

Follow-up is an important step if you want to improve your sales by using webinars. Once you have successfully conducted a webinar about your product, it is important to have at least 5 follow-ups after the official meeting. Most of the sales required these follow-ups to gain a large audience. 

How Email Follow-up After Webinars Help Increase Sales?

The best way to do this follow-up is by using email marketing that will help you in staying in touch with the audience. This will not only increase your sales but will also boost the relationship between your company and the audience targeting.

You cannot just improve yourself by just conducting a webinar, but you have to follow up to make sure that your audience is interested in buying as well. You can send them emails saying “thank you for attending the webinar” or” your presence in the webinar is appreciated”. You can also ask for feedback about the webinars and email them links to your social media blogs and special discounted offers. 


The above-mentioned ways were a step-by-step guideline to make more sales by conducting webinars for your products. If you are executing a perfect plan for webinars it is sure that your sales will be improved and the value of your brand will enhance.

You will see an increase in the insight of your company if you are stating the true values of your product and giving promotional bonuses to your audience. Interacting with your audience by hosting a question-answer session and focusing on a follow-up with the email marketing will get you more sales. 

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