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10 Best Lead Generation Companies

Cyberspace can be a challenging frontier for many businesses. Lead generation is an integral part of the sales funnel and one where both art and science are combined. That’s why many companies are turning to lead generation companies instead. 

These companies offer services that allow you to stay focused on your core business instead. Turning to external sources can help increase qualified leads, sales, and ultimately, beef up your Return on Investment (ROI). 

There is a caveat, though – you need to work with the right service provider. 

If you’re not sure of where to start, we have the answer for you. The 10 lead generation companies in this list are known for quality services, talented professionals, and the latest marketing tech stacks. Check them out and get your campaigns rolling.

1. LeadGeneration.com


LeadGeneration offers lead generation, marketing, and sales enablement services. This company has offices in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia, plus an impressive client list that includes Toshiba, J.G. Wentworth, and Aéropostale, showcasing its success story.   

Why LeadGeneration.com: Best Exclusive Leads, Customization, Commitment 

LeadGeneration pledges 100% exclusivity, which means no sharing or recycling of leads. They will customize campaigns and tailor-make them to your business needs. From day one, they work closely, and you can watch the progress in real-time.

Commitment is a vital relationship factor for LeadGeneration. They keep their promises even when the formal relationship has ceased. If the promise is a specific number of leads, they will go all out to ensure this happens.

A comprehensive range of multi-channel solutions, including SEO, Lead Nurturing, and Call Tracking, will support your campaigns.

2. Callbox


Callbox is a highly successful global provider of outsourced B2B lead generation and sales services within specific industries, including IT and Manufacturing. They have 16 years of experience offering lead generation services to brands like DHL and eBay

Why CallBox: Best Account-based B2B Lead Generation

A focused account-based approach called multi-touch multi-channel marketing is used for lead generation. The process begins by building your target business profile, from which key stakeholders and prospects are identified from a database of 35 million businesses.

Potential qualified leads are then engaged with through targeted inbound-outbound multi-channel touchpoints. This includes email, voice, live chat, website, and webinars.

By the time you are ready to meet your potential leads, be assured that CallBox has done the job of qualifying them. Leads come prepared to take it to the next level, ready for conversion. Your sales team, equipped with the right sales tools, can then move in to close the deal.

3. Upcall


Upcall offers lead generation services as part of a total customer engagement package. 400+ businesses trust Upcall, including major brands like LG, Farmers Insurance, and Airbnb.

Why Upcall: Best Outbound Call Services

UpCall has one of the best US call center services around and a professional team that comprises the top 3% of US call agents. Outbound call services are one of their primary lead generation services. The process includes candidate screening, cold calling, appointment setting, telemarketing, and sales outsourcing.

Outbound calls are basic services but show impressive results in lead conversion. The increasing demand for such services, especially from big brands, lends weight to its credibility in lead generation. 

Upcall’s call-center sales professionals will ensure your contacts become qualified leads. They take care of the heavy lifting in cold calls and follow-ups while you watch the progress in real-time.



CIENCE is a global company offering B2B lead generation services such as inbound lead qualification and outbound appointment setting. There is a large community of over 1200+ CIENCE customers, with the noted ones being Yamaha, Microsoft, Google, and Uber.

Why CIENCE: Best People-as-a-Service (PaaS) model

CIENCE uses leading-edge technology supported by highly skilled sales teams. Their signature People-as-a-Service (P-a-a-S) model is a well-structured model that combines talent, multi-channels, and the latest AI technologies.

CIENCE offers four Paas models with the SDR team as a top choice. It is staffed with sales and marketing experts and uses a multi-channel approach to generate specific monthly accounts with outcomes comprising qualified appointments, meetings, briefings, and demo.  

Inbound SDR, CRM Migration & Integrations, and the Data-Custom Sales Research models offer different customized lead generation services.

5. DiscoverOrg


DiscoverOrg offers sales and marketing intelligence tools. The brand is popular amongst large, fast-growing companies and has won quite a few industry awards. The big brands supporting DiscoverOrg include LG, Citibank, and Panasonic.   

Why DiscoverOrg: Best B2B Sales and Marketing Intelligence Tools

DiscoverOrg will connect you with the right sources for building leads based on their intelligence tools’ strategic information. Their data is guaranteed to be 95% accurate, comprehensive, and current.

DiscoverOrg provides you with a B2B business contact and buying signals database. The three critical processes defined are market definition, identification of top targets starting from the C-suite, then prioritization and prediction.

The information on key decision-makers is refreshed at a minimum of every 60 days. Your target prospects’ departments include Information Technology, Marketing, Finance, Sales, and Product Development.

Try the free trial period to understand the power of DiscoverOrg’s intelligence. Information that you will receive includes phone numbers, email addresses, and organization charts.

6. Overdrive Interactive

Overdrive Interactive

Overdrive Interactive offers end-to-end lead and demand generation services for enterprises. They have an excellent track record with established brands, including GE, Dynatrace, and Salesforce.

Why Overdrive Interactive: Best End-to-End Quality Lead Generation Services

Overdrive offers end-to-end marketing and sales services. The focus is on the maximization of ROI by keeping the sales funnel full through quality leads. There is a massive focus on quality and cost rationalization.

The services are managed by a mix of talent, multi-channels, and technology services. The lead generation programs include ABM programs, paid search marketing, and inbound marketing. 

Overdrive does not stop after generating leads. They will work with you to nurture leads until the final sales point before you close the deal.

Overdrive’s focus is on quality and costs. The approach taken is to balance the cost of lead generation and quality. The tracking metrics span from cost per lead, cost per qualified lead to cost per sale, and finally, ROI.

7. CandorWorks


CandorWorks, a non-US-based company, offers B2B lead generation services for technology companies, media agencies, and publishers worldwide. Their global footprint spans North America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, South Asia, and Australia.

Why CandorWorks: Best 100% Guarantee for Lead Quality

The lead generation services comprise account-based marketing, content marketing for lead nurturing, event promotions, and appointment setting. The process starts with email/telemarketing, followed by content marketing, social media marketing, and event marketing.

They have access to 40+ million B2B prospects across the globe. This should put you in good stead if you are looking to generate leads globally. Their services are fast, efficient and reliable.

A committed team of marketing professionals headed by an account manager handles each project. A mix of tactics and technologies is used to generate leads.

CandorWorks guarantees 100% for lead information and quality services. Invalid leads are replaceable, and they take payment only if they meet your expectations.

8. SalesRoad


SalesRoad offers B2B appointment setting and lead generation services for medium and large enterprises. It is recognized by big brands such as Shell, Microsoft, and Clean Energy and has received industry gold awards.

Why SalesRoad: Best Highly Trained Sales Development Reps

SalesRoad’s main target is building sales-qualified leads (SQL) through appointment settings and outbound calls. The focus is on appointment-setting campaigns and lead conversions. They have a client list of 430+ and have cleared 50,000 opportunities.

Their telesales executives are 100% US-based agents and cover 50 states. All of these execs are highly experienced and talented. There is continuous development with training programs, three times more rigorous than industry training.

A 15-day pipeline with a 28-day guarantee is quoted, after which unused funds are reimbursed. There is a high level of transparency in pricing rates for lead generation services.

9. LinkedIn


Most people consider Linkedin to be a mere social networking site for professionals. The reality is, they offer other services as well under their business arm. The B2B industry has well-received Linkedin lead generation consultation services. However, there tends to be a stronger focus on the technology, healthcare, higher education, financial services, and startup sectors.

Why LinkedIn: Best Largest Base of Qualified Leads, Systematic Approach

Linkedin’s lead generation approach’s three key factors are professional data, a business context, and newsfeed products. This approach has reduced lead generation costs by as much as 28% as compared to Google AdWords.

The platform has over 575 million professional members, of which 2.8 million are decision-makers receptive to B2B messages. Ads and promotional items alongside news feed products are used to attract prospects.

LinkedIn offers a detailed strategy for generating qualified leads. First, your product content is customized based on LinkedIn lead generation standards. LinkedIn’s filtering techniques match your target persona against members through website, account, and contact targeting.

This is followed by the mapping and distribution of content across a segmented target funnel. The last step is the generation of forms for target leads to fill in.

10. LeadGenius


LeadGenius offers end-to-end lead generation solutions. They are present in 40+ countries and have 500+ customers, including eBay, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

Why LeadGenius: Best Proprietary Tool for Vertical Lead Generation

Their proprietary software called Data Hub is used for vertical lead generation. The software configures each project for specific vertical data acquisition.

Each project is assigned a dedicated data scientist and account manager skilled in data strategy optimization. As the technology is self-service, you can execute custom lead generation campaigns by creating ideal customer profiles and matching them with lead data.

The research team comprises 400+ highly trained researchers from 40+ countries. Machines combined with human talent are used to source hard-to-find data.

There are three major activities where Data Hub plays a prominent role. First is the preparation of customized data within specific verticals, such as eCommerce and payment vendors. The second is to monitor key accounts by tracking signals, triggers, and events. The third is to connect with leads showing purchase intent.

How Lead Generation Services Work

Right at the beginning, we mentioned that lead generation isn’t easy. More than half of all organizations admit that lead generation is one of their key growth challenges. Many elements come into play with this niche.

Some activity touchpoints include:

  • Database marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead qualification and nurturing
  • Inbound marketing

And more.

Many lead generation companies build their entire businesses around streamlining these and dozens of other critical areas to build leads. While you can undoubtedly undertake some of them on your own, lead generation companies specialize in them, often making efforts much more cost-effective.

Finding the Best Lead Generation Services For Your Needs

While lead generation companies are an effective way to boost business, be aware that the market has more than its fair share of frauds. It’s easy to slap together a facade on the Internet. 

To avoid potential problems, follow these guidelines in finding legit lead generation services that are right for your business.

Focus on Your Niche

While lead generation is quite a generic term, be aware that many streamlined methods don’t work well across all industries. For best results, look towards experts that are experienced in specific niches. Avoid one-size-fits-all solutions since even if they work, they are unlikely to generate impressive results.

Look for Flexibility in Pricing

It can be hard to gauge how much lead generation services cost since everyone’s needs differ. The important thing to note in pricing is that some are willing to offer flexible options. For example – only paying for qualified leads or some other specific criteria.

Reputation Matters

Be cautious when assessing a service provider’s reputation since this can be easy to fabricate. Always do some additional background work of your own to see if they have a legit track record and aren’t just making use of big brand names to impress. Case studies and customer reviews can come in handy for this.

Don’t Let Bling Blind You

Service providers are fond of renaming standard methods to make it seem like they have a unique advantage. Do some research on their claimed methodologies before you get sold on impressive-sounding terms. Assess their tech stack and see which are common or specially-developed for a specific use.


A big part of the thriving business world is the ability to connect the dots. Not every company can do this, so service providers like lead generation companies exist. More than that, they can also catalyze smaller businesses that are just getting their feet wet.

If you’re one of them or simply looking to expand while staying streamlined, this list of lead generation companies should be a great place to start.

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