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In case you are unaware, WHSR is now hosted on WP Engine and I have written a new, lengthy review on WP Engine hosting. For my latest WP Engine usage experience, server track record, discount, and updated details; check out this updated WP Engine Review.

Founded by Aaron Brazell and Jason Cohen, WP Engine offers premium WordPress hosting with tons of valuable WordPress optimization (security, load speed, updates, as well as plugin recommendations).

In case you are unaware, I did an interview with WP Engine Co-Founder, Jason Cohen, recently. This is my review of WP Engine. I am not a WP Engine customer BUT, I have spent hours of reading and researching before I publish this post – I’m sure some of you guys will find this piece useful.

WP Engine: Premier Built-for-WordPress Hosting

As much as the fact that WordPress is world #1 blogging platform, it’s hard to find web host that focuses solely on WordPress. It’s even harder to get good WordPress hosting company that is “serious” with their business.

This makes WP Engine a special gem in the market.

WP Engine is one of the very, very few companies that focus only on WordPress hosting; and what’s more, the folks at WP Engine are dead serious about their business.
You can visit WP Engine online here: The company has recently renovate the website and it has a total new outlook now.

Why WordPress-Only Hosting?

“Why do we need a web host that focuses solely on WordPress? Other hosting companies can do the same job and host my WP blogs!”, you may ask. Jason, co-founder of WP Engine, gave the perfect answer in our recent interview session.

When asked “How has the strategy of solely focusing on WordPress users affected the business?”

Jason answered: “Focusing only on WordPress means we can do a fantastic job. For example we hire WordPress experts only, so everyone at the company is helpful and knowledgeable when you call into tech support.
Lots of hosting companies answer the phone on the first ring and call that “good service.” Of course if the person on the other end can’t debug the WordPress problem, at the end of the day it’s not helpful. We know what we’re good at — and what we’re NOT good at! — and we do only the former.”

“That’s how it affects you — the customer. How it affects the back-end business is that we can be more profitable because we don’t have to diversify technology or talent. American Airlines can’t make money because they service 20 kinds of planes; Southwest and JetBlue are profitable and run only a few models. We’re like the latter; most hosting companies are the former.”

What I like about WP Engine Hosting

As a big-time WordPress fans, there are plenty to like about WP Engine. But here are some of the important advantages with the WordPress host.

Backed by WordPress expert

The best reason to like WP Engine is because of its people. WP Engine is founded and run by WordPress experts. I mean, *REAL* WordPress experts.

Co-founder Jason Cohen is the maker of Code Collaborator; Aaron Brazel, co-founder, has been an active WordPress developer since 2004 and he wrote WordPress Bible (Wiley); and we have Advisor, Ben Metcalfe, who is involve with WordPress development since the very early days.

WordPress Security

WordPress sites hosted on WP Engine is protected in several levels. WP Engine utilizes hardware-base intrusion detection appliances from DDos attack and rogue scanning. On the inside, hosting accounts are isolated with limited user access.

Server Scalabilty

The standard Touring Package allows 250,000 pageviews per month. But that doesn’t mean you have to limit your traffics at that level. According to statistics, WP Engine moves 50 million hits per day through their system. In other words, this means WP Engine is highly scalable.

As claimed by WP Engine, their customers have hit huge media sites like Huffington Post, TechCrunch from time to time and “never skipped a beat”.

Fully Managed Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Heard about CDN? Long story short, CDN is an effective way to stores and delivers your content frpm different servers and this allows your site to load faster. WP Engine is the ONLY WordPress host that includes a fully managed CDN service where your site’s static content (images, videos, static pdf files, etc) are served from servers all around the world. Furthermore, WP Engine also employs proxy servers, data bases, disk caching, file minification, as well as image compression to speed up customer sites load time.

Things you might don’t like about WP Engine

No 24×7 Customer Support

I know, most shared hosting companies offer 24×7 customer supports via live chat and telephone. But that’s not the case for WP Engine. The company’s customer support team does seem very dedicated (they call it ‘Customer Happiness Department’) but newbies who need hand-to-hand spoonfeed support might want to think twice.

Expensive Web Host

WP Engine offers 3 different stand plans; namely Sport ($49/mo), Touring ($99/mo), and Luxury Package (custom pricing). I know, WP Engine’s high price tag is a big turn-off. But hey, be realistic, how much do you expect them to charge? $9.99/mo for a premium hosting service?

Short Trial Period – 15 Days Only

WP Engine offers only 15 days of free trial period. But hey that’s not a big deal since WP Engine is charging its customer on per-month basis. This means it’s easy to leave WP Engine. ;)

WP Engine Customer Reviews

They are pros! “It’s nice to pay someone to handle all the hosting BS that we’re no good at. They’re WordPress Pros.” – Ash Maurya, Author of Running Lean.

WP Engine has been running well! “All in all WP Engine has been running well for a week.  Now that I’m using their services I’ll probably stay with them for the foreseeable future.  As I always try to remind you guys, when you are determining what you are willing to pay for a solution always include the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).  $50 per month for a site may seem expensive, but I don’t have to worry about maintenance, backups, server hacking and such. I do believe that their overall system needs to be streamlined and made to be more user friendly, but if you have a decent knowledge of Web Server Administration WP Engine may be a good option for you.” – Eli of, full WP Engine review here.

WP Engine Hosting Plans At A Glance

Here’s a quick screen cap on WP Engine price and plan details. For more details, visit:

WP Engine Homepage

WP Engine Hosting Review:Should you go with WP Engine?

Any WordPress user who are serious about their blog should consider using WP Engine.

The reason why I am not switching to WP Engine is because I am very happy with Hostgator and I had recently bought/installed PressVault. If price is not a problem, then why suffer another sleepless night worrying about your site cracked due to hackers or heavy traffic loads? Just go with WP Engine!

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