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  • Updated: Feb 11, 2011

Basic Introduction
CoolHandle Web Hosting
Formerly known as Pronet Hosting, the company’s long history in the web hosting industry can be traced back to year 2001. If you are one of those who are keen to know more about CoolHandle hosting, this interview is a must read. We’ve got Ryan Morris, Marketing Director at CoolHandle, online and he will be sharing us some useful information about the company.

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Q&A with Ryan Morris, CoolHandle Marketing Director

1. Hello Ryan, thanks a lot for being with us today. Let’s do some introduction for start. How would you describe your role in the company and what can we know about CoolHandle?

Thanks for having me! My name is Ryan Morris, CoolHandle’s Director of Marketing. Formerly known as Pronet Hosting, CoolHandle has provided users with reliable, professional hosting solutions since 2001. We are also one of the fastest-growing companies within the web hosting industry – just last year, in fact, we doubled the size of our data center for higher capacity!

2. What is the size of CoolHandle’s business? Can we have some rough numbers on the domain names and customers the company is holding at this time of writing?

We are rapidly growing, so the exact numbers are always changing, but currently we host over 30,000 domains.

3. Who should consider signing up with CoolHandle? Please briefly describe the company’s target audience.

Our commitment to customer service is an important and distinguishing characteristic of our company. Our first and foremost objective as a company is to sustain long-lasting relationships with our partners and customers. We service a very broad audience, ranging from internet marketers to WordPress and Joomla enthusiasts, from casual users to business professionals.

4. What can we know more about CoolHandle’s data center at Los Angeles?

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, our data center is in the same building as 12 of the nation’s largest Internet providers’. Our data center boasts on-demand connectivity with all major upstream providers. Our redundant network infrastructure is connected to separate circuits, and the entire building is heavily monitored to ensure maximum security and uptime.

5. Let’s talk about customer support, what kind of after-sales services does CoolHandle provide? How many staffs do you have in the customer support department? 

Our dedicated team of employees provides prompt and reliable services. Our hosting customer support department offers 24/7/365 customer service assistance via phone, live chat, and support tickets. We also feature an industry-leading fully interactive help site on our site’s Troubleshooting area.

6. CoolHandle offers different VPS hosting plans. Can you tell us more about these offers?

We offer several tiers of customizable VPS hosting packages at an affordable rate. For customers, it’s a great way to start small with the ability to still scale up very quickly. With full root access, users are able to install advanced software and completely customize virtually anything. For easy administration, cPanel is available as well. Our basic package starts at $29.95/month with free domain privacy forever. For more information, visit

7. There are more and more hosting providers going ‘cloud’ nowadays. Is cloud hosting part of CoolHandle’s plan in near future?

We don’t like to jump into new technology without testing it thoroughly, so while we are exploring the option of cloud hosting, we need to make sure that it’s something we can support and execute properly. We don’t have any specific roll-out dates for now, but we are definitely looking into it.

8. One last question, how does the merger with impact CoolHandle’s business in overall? Where do you see CoolHandle in next 5 years?

The merger benefited both parties in several ways: 1) it improved the overall efficiency of our infrastructure, 2) it improved the quality of our customer service, and 3) the merger reduced overall costs, boosting efficiency. As for where I see CoolHandle in 5 years, what with the changing landscape of the hosting business and the rate we are growing, the opportunities for growth are simply boundless.   
9. That’s all for my questions. Thanks again for your time, is there anything you would like to add in this interview?

Thank you for your time as well. I’m glad you gave us the opportunity to give a bit more insight to users about CoolHandle.

Learn more, visit CoolHandle online.

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