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InMotion’s Hosting

I’m sure InMotion Hosting is no stranger to most of you guys. The company had been in the business for nearly a decade and they are still going very strong at this time of writing. In fact, InMotion received multiple hosting awards for many consecutive years and they are one of the very few (if not the only) business hosting that allows user to choose their server location!

How did InMotion Hosting remain their high service standard for years? How did InMotion thrive in hosting business for so long; while many other web hosts faded and went out of the business? Is InMotion hosting right for you? How can InMotion’s advance hosting features help in your web business? Learn all the answers first hand in my Q & A session with the company’s Executive Vice President, Sunil Saxena.

Interview with Sunil Saxena of InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has been in the business for nearly 10 years. Can you please enlighten us how InMotion Hosting started and how it grew to what it is today.

InMotion Hosting was started in 2001. In our early years, we were a small hosting company that had limited resources and personnel. Our attention to customer satisfaction has allowed us to grown consistently over the past years. We have invested time and money to make sure that our technical support and reliability goes above and beyond for our customers. We feel that it is an ongoing goal to prove we have a customer experience better than our competitors.

InMotion hosting won series of “Best Business Hosting” Awards for years. What sets you apart from the competition in this market?

Hosting awards won by InMotion

We are honored to be considered the best business host.

We are very fortunate to have established this reputation and make sure we do everything we can to uphold it. As business owners we know there are critical things that are needed to operate which include lightning fast email, SPAM filtration, excellent website uptime and competitive merchant account rates.

To make sure we are able to provide these services we run off of high end Dell 2950 severs, blending multiple bandwidth providers and having redundancy for all of our hosting accounts. Additionally, we also provide great scalability as well.

As we speak about business hosting, appreciate if you can provide more info to our business hosting shoppers. What is the most important element to look for as a business owner when searching for a web host, and why?

The most important element to look for when searching for a business host is the accessibility to qualified technicians. There are always going to be issues in running a business and as business owners, time is money. Our support staff is trained to answer customer questions quickly and effective, and when possible, to answer any anticipated follow up questions as well.

Please share more about the company’s data centers.

Our data centers are located on the East and West Coast of the United States giving our clients the choice of which data center they want to utilize. Data center locations reduce the delay time it takes for servers to communicate with each other and the outside world. By offering a data center in Los Angeles and in Washington D.C. we are able to keep data in a closer proximity to users, allowing them faster access and flexibility.

Further on the questions about data centers, can you please tell us more about InMotion’s Exclusive Max Speed Zones?

Virtually all of our competitors utilize a single data center. This means your website and email could be 3,000 miles or more away from you. With InMotion Hosting we offer multiple data center locations. If you are within our Exclusive Max Speed Zones, your email and website can run up to 6x faster.

InMotion’s Max Speed Zones

*Note: InMotion’s Max Speed Zone options available to VPS and Business Class hosting clients only.

Let’s talk about customer support, what kind of support should InMotion customers expect? How many staffs do you have in the customer support department?

We are committed to have all of our support based in the United States.

Although we could recognize a cost savings by moving staff offshore, we feel that the intangible value of having a U.S. Based support team is unmatched. Currently we have over 50 employees in our offices in Virginia Beach, VA and Marina del Rey, CA.

Some of your customers are unhappy with the needs of phone verification on new hosting account registration. How would you response to such complaints?

Unfortunately, in our industry there is a high amount of fraud and identity theft that takes place on a daily basis. Although it may be burdensome for some to verfiy their account over the phone, it is in the customer’s best interest for security that we do this. Additionally, it gives us a chance to introduce ourselves and answer any questions that our new customer might have.

The company offers professional website designs besides web hosting; can you tell us more about the service?

We offer web site design targeted at the small to mid-size business who are looking for a professional design without having to incur a very high price tag. Additionally, we also offer basic search engine optimization and monthly web site updates in the price.

Where will InMotion be in the next 5 years?

Our goals are really very simple. Provide the best possible experience for our customers through top notch service, unparalleled uptime and software that makes lives easier for the business. In the future, we feel that this market will remain very competitive and there will be some market consolidation. Time in and time out, we have seen big business fall short at providing proper service to the web hosting customer. We feel that our blend of technical expertise along with attention to customer care will allow us to succeed in this industry.

Thank you for your time with us. Is there anything you wish to add for this interview?

We appreciate the opportunity you have given us to allow your customers to learn a little bit more about us.

Keynotes from Sunil Saxena

Important points from this interview:

  • InMotion is operating from multiple datacenters – this  keep data in a closer proximity to users, allowing them faster access and flexibility.
  • A qualified technicians is extremely important to a business website.
  • InMotion are committed to have all of our support (staffs) based in the United States.

My personal comment on InMotion

I have to confess that I’m one of the happy InMotion’s users and I’m especially satisfied with the company’s customer support department.

I recently started a website at InMotion and was having some minor problem with the initial setup (something to do with the URL I assigned wrongly to my account). It was suppose to my mistake and I contacted InMotion support center, hoping that they can point out a solution to the problem. And, not only that they answered my questions, the support staffs also fixed my faulty setup without my request, in just 30 minutes time.

It made me “WOW! These guys are really good!” – and I recommend them to all shoppers who are searching for a web host with topnotch customer supports.

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