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  • Updated: Nov 08, 2017

“Imagination is the last legal means of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.” – Pat Fallon

As we progress further and further into the 21st century the claim of this quote is more apparent than ever. Creativity is everywhere from marriage proposals to advertising campaigns to social media profiles.

To advance the trend of creativity even more, social networks are releasing new options that expand the opportunities for businesses to stand out and showcase their originality. Facebook’s introduction of Timelines earlier this year was a challenge addressed to all business to start developing ingenious ideas to capture the attention of their audience.

After scouring the network for the best of the best in timeline design, here is the inspiring round-up of the most creative ideas…

Andrew Grojean

What I love: This timeline plays so well to the controversy of the release. Not everyone loves the new Timeline layout and this offers a humorous jab.

Andrew Grojean Screenshot

Ben & Jerry

What I love: The picture of the cows is a great addition to Ben & Jerry’s branding.

Ben & Jerry Screenshot


What I love: The Instagram-like photo collage plays perfectly into Converse fan’s personality. Chucks and faded, textured pictures go hand in hand.

Converse Screenshot


What I love: The iconic snapshot of Micky is the focal point while playing into some of the other fan favorites in the timeline.

Disney Screenshot


What I love: I love the synergy between the display picture and the cover picture as well as making it an interactive image.

Fanta Screenshot


What I love: The image epitomizes Gatorade’s target audience, a fired up, intense sports team.

Gatorade Screenshot

Manchester United

What I love: I love that the cover pictures showcases a celebration. It screams pride for both the team and their fans.

Manchester United Screenshot


What I love: One of my favorite branding techniques involves big brands highlighting their fans. Oreo does a great job doing just that in their daily birthday celebrations.

Oreo Screenshot


What I love: Clean, simple, and to the point. After viewing Pagemodo’s timeline you have no question what their core competencies are.

Pagemodo Screenshot

Pedigree Adoption Drive

What I love: This page tugs on the heart string of every dog lover (conveniently that is also their target market).

Pedigree Screenshot

Philips Sound

What I love: When I think of audio and sound companies, this timeline captures the picture in my mind. Swirly, colorful designs infused with products.

Philips Sound Screenshot


What I love: This is a classic Pringles image; it exemplifies their brand personality perfectly. I also love the way they combine the display picture with the cover image to create one picture.

Pringles Screenshot

Red Bull

What I love: Red Bull did a great job capturing the essence of their brand’s audience style in one image. Love it!

Red Bull Screenshot


What I love: I would be disappointed if the Sharpie image didn’t have doodling – what else do you do with a Sharpie? Clean, crafty, and eye catching.

Sharpie Screenshot


What I love: Quirky and fun – exactly Skittles’ brand image. The image is so intriguing I find myself checking back to see what they come up with next.

Skittles Screenshot


What I love: Smirnoff put marketed Vodka on the map, it is only fitting that their Facebook strategy would be cutting edge. The image combines three big elements of their audience, top shelf liquor, a party, and city life.

Smirnoff Screenshot


What I love: Spotify is doing a great job with creatively showcasing their wide digital reach by featuring a clean shot of their iPad app.

Spotify Screenshot


What I love: Similar to the converse image, Starbucks grabs the attention of their fan base with an Instragram-like image. Their audience loves unique, original photography and that is exactly what Starbucks delivered.

Starbucks Screenshot


What I love: Verizon is known for their next generation mobile devices, it is only natural to highlight one of their latest gadgets at the forefront of their page. As a mobile phone fan it is exciting to see what new device is next to be launched on the network.

Verizon Screenshot


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Article by Danielle Towner

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